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Ubisoft Games introduces NFTs to Ghost Recon Breakpoint

The company has announced their new move this Tuesday. They described the new implementation of NFTs in Breakpoint as an ‘experiment’.

The introduction of NFTs by Ubisoft to their popular title, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, is making world news. The entire concept is a little controversial as of now but the NFTs that Ubisoft has introduced as unique, collectible, in-world cosmetics.

Ubisoft introduces NFTs in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

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The company has announced their new move this Tuesday. They described the new implementation of NFTs in Breakpoint as an ‘experiment’. This surely rolls out any possibilities of concern regarding environmental impact as Ubisoft likes to describe this as ‘environmentally sustainable and ‘energy-efficient’.

What are NFTs?

NFTs, also known as Non-Fungible Tokens, are considered digital assets with a unique digital signature. This makes them unique as a whole, as they are a prime way to support independent artists and their works in modern times.

What are these NFTs by Ubisoft called?

This new venture by Ubisoft will be called ‘Digits‘. Ubisoft explains these Digits as ‘playable in an AAA game’ and by that, they currently mean in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

These NFTs, known as Digits, will be introduced to the game’s Windows PC version through the company’s official platform, Ubisoft Connect Platform. Ubisoft is also working on a different platform, setting it to manage the acquisition of these NFTs. This new platform will be called Ubisoft Quartz.

More about Ubisoft Digit

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Ubisoft went forth and described the Digit as ‘a unique collectible that features its own serial number for others to see in-game.’ And as for their announcement of Ubisoft Quartz, they verified that it will be a platform to ‘keep track of its current and previous owners for years to come, making players an integral part of the game’s history.’ The company went on further to describe these Digits to be playable through cosmetic items. They are supposed to provide the players with the ability to personalize their own experience and complete missions in style.

These Digits will make exclusive items in the player’s inventory sellable. Players can put these items up for grabs for other eligible players and can be acquired outside Ubisoft’s ecosystem.

The company mentioned that these Digits will be stored on the Tezos blockchain, which they defined as a ‘proof of stake; blockchain. This is opposed to ‘proof of work’ blockchains like Ethereum or Bitcoin uses which are more energy demanding. To describe the energy utilized by a single transaction on Tezos, the company defined it as to be ‘similar to the amount of energy utilized while streaming a 30-second long video.’

How can you get Digits?

Digits can be acquired through the Ubisoft Quartz platform once it releases under beta. It is scheduled to be released on 9th December 2021, at 01:00 P.M EST in the United States of America and Canada. Not just these regions but Digits will also be available for grabs during the same hour, local time, in regions of France, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Australia, Italy, and Belgium.

How to get the Free Digits Drop?

Ubisoft has mentioned a free Digits drop that players can get their hands on. It is supposed to be on three separate days, 9th Dec, 12th Dec, and 15th Dec. This is supposed to be a reward for the early adopters among players. To checkout eligibility and registration for this free Digit drop, please check the Ubisoft Quartz website that is now live.

Our Thoughts

As we mentioned before, this whole concept is a little controversial. It has attracted a mixed bag of takes on this particular matter. However, it will be interesting to see how all this pans out.

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