Nvidia’s Resizable BAR- Everything you need to know

Resizable Bar

Resizable BAR would be a very desirable option in case you are looking for some FPS boost in Modern AAA Titles. The hype around the new graphics card lineup of Nvidia is still on the high side and many people still haven’t been able to get their hands on one. The GeForce RTX 30 series is the latest product line by the company and it assures to provide the most powerful performance than any previous series.

Nvidia had previously announced the support of ‘Resizable BAR’, the latest technology, for their RTX 30 series cards. This will work as an advanced feature for the PCI Express and can increase gaming performance adequately.

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But to understand its usage and pros, we must indulge in learning about the feature in brief.

What is Nvidia’s Resizable BAR?

Resizable BAR
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It is an advanced option that has been introduced exclusively for the GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics card lineup. It is an optional technology that is associated with your PC’s PCI Express interface. It is intended to boost FPS and overall performance in modern game titles.

How does the Resizable BAR work?

Graphics Cards or GPUs have an allocated memory or VRAM to themselves. This memory is required to process and transfer shaders, textures, and geometry by small CPU to GPU transfer transactions. The Resizable BAR allows your system to use your GPU to request assets as per need or in full when required.

This allows the CPU to take some load off of itself and thus provides more efficient access to the entire frame buffer. This also helps commit transfers concurrently on multiple requests, rather than queuing them.

Will it be available on Nvidia’s other Series GPUs?

There’s no news regarding the implementation of the Resizable Bar for the other Series of GPUs that Nvidia has, for example, the RTX 20 series. But it might be possible for it to be implemented in the future.

Why should we use the Resizable BAR?

Modern games are so graphically intensive that even some of the high-end systems fail to deliver a constant gameplay experience. This opens up a window of opportunities and solutions that may help to boost game FPS or the overall performance of the system.

We have tested the feature on our system with an RTX 3070 OC and have successfully achieved a notable FPS and performance boost. The total frame time gets a minor boost when the feature is turned on, which provides a much smoother experience. The avg. FPS gets a 10-20 more frame boost than playing with the Resizable BAR feature turned off. Though in some games, like Cyberpunk 2077, the performance boost remains negligible and it doesn’t make any difference, whereas, in Watch Dogs: Legion, the average FPS figure turned lower with the feature ON.

Again, this is a new feature and it will get better with post updates but for now, it does a very decent job in most cases, except for some games. Also, this is an optional feature that completely depends upon the user’s choice to turn ON or OFF, which means you can try it for yourself and set it ON or OFF according to your experience in games.

How can you try this feature?

For desktop users, the Resizable BAR is available only if the GPU, Motherboard, and GPU driver support the feature. The RTX 30 series card will have this feature supported.

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Written by Diptoman Saha

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