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Review of Kingston Fury Renegade DDR4 RGB Ram- OC up to 4600Mhz

Seamless work ethics and the signature ‘no-compromise’ gaming requires some of the best components available in the modern hardware spectrum. The power that is able to deliver at the command and even then can have enough to spare on standby is what we look for in today’s setup. And here comes the unrivalled product from Kingston, called Kingston FURY Renegade DDR4 RGB memory. And to be honest, this might be the upgrade you are looking for.

About the RAM

Kingston Fury Renegade DDR4 RGB

Kingston’s FURY is their new lineup for the next-gen memory solutions and the FURY Renegade DDR4 RGB is the one that you should take notes about. The Kingston FURY Renegade DDR4 RGB is made to deliver seamless, ultra-fast performance to boost the system. It is ready to be installed in both of your Intel and AMD based systems out of the box. The premium look, aluminium heat spreaders, dynamic RGB and speeds of up to 4600MHz paired with quick CL15-CL19 latencies make it the best choice among the others.

Key Features

If we talk about the features then there are a lot of new and unique things that come with this new product. We will talk about what’s new in detail below;

Compatibility- The Kingston FURY Renegade is ideal for both Intel and AMD based systems. This memory lineup is optimized for Intel with XMP (Extreme Memory Profile), which makes overclocking a hassle-free experience. You don’t have to manually adjust the memory timings yourself as you can select from the pre-built, hand-tuned memory profiles in your BIOS and experience overclocking faster. And it will also brilliantly integrate into your AMD Ryzen system and deliver the signature reliable performance.

Dynamic RGB- The RGB is one of the best aspects of this product and will provide you with one of the best lighting effects. The smooth and eye-catchy RGB can be programmed and managed via the FURY CTRL, Asus AURA Sync, ASRock Polychrome SYNC, Gigabyte’s RGB FUSION 2.0 and MSI Mystic Light Sync software. The embedded Kingston FURY Infrared Sync Technology will help you keep your RGB effects synchronised.

Ram Heatsink- Cooling is a vital aspect of modern-day gaming components. The Kingston FURY Renegade comes with a ‘Fierce black’ heat spreader composed of high-quality aluminium. This does not only keeps the ram temperature in check but also matches the aesthetic colour scheme with the black PCB.

Frequency & Class Latency- The superior DDR4 performance comes with an unmatched frequency that supports speeds of up to 4600MHz. The low latency of CL15-CL19 gives you a much quicker and no-compromise experience.


The ram has some variants to select from. It comes in capacities of:

Single- 8GB, 16GB, 32GB 
Kit of 2-  16GB, 32GB, 64GB 
Kit of 4-  32GB, 64GB, 128GB 
Kit of 8-  256GB 

It supports frequencies of 3000MHz, 3200MHz, 3600MHz, 4000MHz, 4266MHz, 4600MHz.

The other specifications are:

Latencies-  CL15, CL16, CL18, CL19 
Voltage-  1.35V, 1.4V, 1.5V 
Operating Temperature-  0°C to 70°C 
Dimensions-  133.35mm x 42.2mm x 8mm 

Unboxing the memory kit and First Thoughts

Kingston has redesigned the visuals on the packaging, giving it a much more sleek and minimal design. The upfront has the Kingston Fury Renegade branding on it with the product image. More in-depth product information can be found at the back of the box. It has all the necessary information of the product listed there, like Memory kit details, speed, class frequency, etc.

Now if we look inside the box, it holds the two FURY Renegade DDR4 RGB memory DIMMs, along with the usual warranty and installation guide and a freebie FURY sticker. The first thought about the classic design is that it looks premium and the aluminium heatsink matches the tone of the product. The RGB at the top also enhances the overall design of the memory kit to its optimum potential. The heatsink is also well-fit and would not stick out unnecessarily visually.

Ram performance with our Test Setup

We tested the kit with our test system and the results were up to mark. Our test system was comprised of-

CPU-  AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 
Motherboard-  ASUS ROG B550E RGB Gaming Motherboard 
Memory Kit-  Kingston FURY Renegade DDR4 RGB 16GB [2x8GB] 
Graphics Card-  NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Founders Edition 
Power Supply-  Corsair RM1000X 
Primary Storage-  Aorus Gen4 M.2 NVMe 1TB SSD 
Secondary Storage-  Western Digital Black 2TB 
CPU Cooler- Lian Li Galahad 360 ARGB CPU Liquid Cooler (Black) 
Cabinet-  Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic XL ROG Certified Cabinet (White) 
Operating System-  Windows 10 

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The Memory kit worked flawlessly with seamless overclockable of up to 4600Mhz. It can be maxed out up to 4800Mhz, as we tried on our personal benchmark, but we stuck with 4600Mhz with all our gaming and multitasking tests. It delivers up to all our expectations and has become one of our favourite products from Kingston. The reasonable price and lifetime warranty from Kingston makes it a worthy candidate in this range. Check out for exciting articles.

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Written by Mainak

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