Where to Find & Use Echo Shards in Minecraft 1.19

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After the brand new and one of the most hyped “Minecraft 1.19 version” updates was finally rolled out, a lot of new things were added to the game. And one of the most interesting new additions to the game is surely the echo shards in Minecraft. These are a special type of item, which are only found in the game’s brand new Ancient City Structures, which can be found in the Deep Dark Biome.

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About the Echo Shards in Minecraft

Echo Shards in Minecraft,
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Unlike the introduction of new creatures and new biomes with the latest Wild Update, news about the echo shards in Minecraft was not announced at the live event held by Mojang for this update that took place back in 2021. As of now, the echo shards in Minecraft have a single-use and we can hope to see multiple use cases for this item in the upcoming future. So let’s have a look at where to find echo shards in Minecraft in the game and learn about their uses.

Where to find echo shards in Minecraft?

As we have mentioned earlier in the post, the echo shards in Minecraft are only found in the new Deep Dark Biome, that was added to the game with the Wild Update. Finding the Deep Dark Biome is the first step in this method, once you locate it, you will have to search for a new structure type, called the Ancient City Structure. It is kind of like an old city, consisting of different compact structures within. Once you reach this Ancient City within the Deep Dark biome, you will come across many chests that contain some of the rarest items in the game, including golden apples, enchanted books, etc. This is the same place where you will have to look for echo shards in Minecraft.

Echo Shards in Minecraft, Where to find echo shards in Minecraft
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Yes, echo shards are exclusively found from these chests that are located within the Ancient City structure in Deep Dark Biome. However, locating one of these chests is the most difficult part as they are rare themselves. But once you find them, you have a higher chance of getting some higher-tier special items from them. These echo shards look very beautiful and are made of black and aqua color pixels.

Things to note while visiting the Deep Dark Biome

Echo Shards in Minecraft, Deep Dark Biome
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The Deep Dark Biome is a very dangerous and mob-infested location. It is also the place where the Warden spawns and it can happen even when you didn’t mean to summon him. It is wiser to cover these sculk sensors and shriekers when opening these chests. Players can use blocks of wool to cover them, in order to avoid spawning the Warden mob.

What is the use of echo shards in Minecraft?

As of the present time, the echo shards in Minecraft only have a single-use case. Echo Shards in the game are used to craft a brand new item in the game, called the recovery compass.

What is the use of this recovery compass in Minecraft?

Echo Shards in Minecraft. use of this recovery compass
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The recovery compass is not like a normal compass n the game. It doesn’t point towards the north or will help you to properly locate directions. What this recovery compass actually does is that it points towards the last known location where the player has died in the game. This is a very useful item and comes in handy in recovering lost items, a bit easier.

How to craft a recovery compass in Minecraft?

The items that you will need to craft this new tool are;

  • 8 Echo Shards
  • 1 Normal Compass

Then, open the crafting table’s craft menu, and place one echo shard each in the input slot numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9, leaving only the centremost slot. Place the compass at the 5th empty slot and you will have your recovery compass ready.

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