Valorant Patch Update 4.07: Full notes, Release date, Bug fixes, and more

After the recent agent and map changes to the game, the latest Valorant patch update 4.07 is something to talk about. A lot of changes were made with this update that the players should know, like the introduction of a new LATAM server, improved AFK detection, Weapon balancing, major bug fixes, and a lot more.

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About the Valorant Patch Update 4.07 in EP 4 Act 2

As you all know, the Stage 1 Masters for the Valorant Champions Tour is currently being held in Reyjkavik. The changes made in this update are not very substantial, hence it won’t affect the tournament mid-way. As for the additions and changes made, here are them in categories:

Introduction of a new Server

The long-awaited server addition was finally made with this update. A brand new server for Latin America (LATAM) has been set up, which should provide optimal latency and solve ping issues for the affected players of that region. It is great that the Valorant developers care about latency issues in their game, thus making solutions to keep the game fair for everyone.

Weapon Changes

Valorant Patch Update, Weapon Changes, Bulldog
Source – Valorant Pro Player Settings & Guides

Two major weapon changes were made in Valorant to keep the gun-play balanced. The changes were made to the two burst weapons available in the game, namely the Bulldog and the Stinger. The changes were specific to their firing input delay while aiming down the sight [ADS].

  • Players will no longer get the burst mode accuracy advantage without finishing raising the weapon first

This will cost players the accuracy and punish players when switching between firing modes in between combat. The firing input delay for automatic, un-scoped (hip fire) mode still remains the same.

The ability-based weapons like Chamber’s guns, Jett, Raze, and Neon’s ultimate will now be input-queued to equip after finishing the current action.

New Agent Teaser

Valorant Patch Update, New Agent Teaser
Source – Dexerto

The Range area of Valorant has been updated and a new area was added. It is a very interesting addition that gives little insight into the game’s lore and its upcoming agent. Check it out to piece the story yourself.

Changes to the Game mechanic

Valorant Patch Update, Changes to the Game mechanic
Source – Roccat

An improved detection algorithm has been introduced to the game to detect AFK-like player behaviors. The game developers have been reminded that this type of behavior will not be tolerated and will be severely punished.

Update to the in-Game store

Previously, it was reported that many users faced extreme loading delays while on the VP purchase page. Now, the time has been decreased to a matter of seconds.

Important Bug Fixes

Competitive Changes

  • The incorrect showcase of performance bonus has been fixed

Social Changes

  • Players will now be immediately removed from the game after getting banned
  • The bug where communication restricted players could not listen to the team’s voice chat has been fixed

Agent Changes

  • Yoru players can no longer use the exploitation with rope interaction to instantly equip weapons after their Ultimate ends
  • Skye’s seekers on her ultimate can now break through destructible doors on the map Ascent
  • The bug where players could defuse the spike while channeling their agent abilities has now been fixed

Other Game Bugs

  • A bug where after constantly spamming the ‘use spike’ option on site, players used to see they have equipped the spike instead of their weapon, has been fixed

If we give an overview of the entire Valorant patch update 4.07, we can see that it has been a minor one. However, the few changes that came, in addition, were important to know about as subtle changes can affect the game altogether.

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