In this article, we are going to cover the rest of the seven ‘Agents’ of Valorant. We have already talked about Brimstone, Jett, Phoenix, Raze, Reyna, Sage, and Sova in PART- 1, so make sure to check it out before continuing with this one.


Breach is an excellent initiator who specializes in clearing out areas through his powerful and precise kinetic blasts.

FAULT LINE (signature): A tectonic blast that temporarily concusses the enemies in its range. Breach can even control the range of the blast.

AFTERSHOCK (purchasable): Fires a powerful blast through the walls that does severe damage to anyone caught in it, however, it takes a certain amount of time to charge up.

FLASHPOINT (purchasable): Fires a blinding charge through a wall that temporarily blinds anyone looking at it.

ROLLING THUNDER (ultimate): An earth-shattering blast that covers a large amount of area, concussing and knocking up any enemy caught in it.


Cypher is a spy who specializes in information gathering through his surveillance abilities. You can run from Cypher but you cannot hide.

SPYCAM (signature): It is essentially a camera that can be placed at a targeted location to offer a wide range of view and can also be used to manually shoot a tracking dart that intermittently reveals the location of an enemy hit.

CYBER CAGE (purchasable): Activates a circular trap that blocks the enemy line of sight for a duration of 7 seconds.

TRAPWIRE (purchasable): A destructible tripwire that can be placed between two walls. When an enemy gets caught, the tripwire reveals the enemy’s location and slows him/her down. If not destroyed in time, the tripwire can also stun the enemy for a short period of time.

NEURAL THEFT (ultimate): Cypher throws his hat on a dead enemy corpse to reveal the exact location of all remaining enemies.


Omen is a flanker who specializes in getting behind the enemy lines. He uses his abilities to confuse his enemies and strikes at them when it is least expected.

DARK COVER (signature): A shadow orb that can travel through walls to create a smoke-screen that obscures vision. Each of these smokes lasts up to 15 seconds.

PARANOIA (purchasable): It is essentially a projectile that can travel through walls and temporarily blinds anyone in its range.

SHROUDED STEP (purchasable): It allows Omen to teleport at a marked location within a certain range.

FROM THE SHADOWS (ultimate): Allows Omen to teleport to any point on the map.


Hailing from the United States, Viper is known for her poisonous chemical gadgets through which she controls the battlefield.

TOXIC SCREEN (signature): Creates a thin wall of poison that can be used to block the opposition’s line of sight.

SNAKE BITE (purchasable): A projectile that creates a pool of poison on hitting the floor. Enemies take damage and become vulnerable when they step on it.

POISON CLOUD (purchasable): As the name suggests, it creates a cloud of poisonous gas that not only obscures the vision but also deals damage to any enemy present inside it.

VIPER’S PIT (ultimate): Activates a chemical cloud in every direction that covers a large amount of area. Any enemy that steps inside it will take decay damage, and will have a limited vision range.


Killjoy is a tech expert who uses her extensive arsenal of turrets, nanobots, and traps to secure the battleground. So far, she is the agent of Valorant who can disarm her enemies.

TURRET (signature): Deploys an automated turret that fires at enemies within 180 degrees of angular vision, dealing a total of 11 damage with each burst. However, the turret gets deactivated if Killjoy is more than 40 meters away.

NANOSWARM (purchasable): A nano swarm grenade that can be activated to deploy a flock of nanobots that damages any enemy within its area of effect.

ALARMBOT (purchasable): An invisible bot that jumps and explodes on an enemy within its range. The bot itself does not deal any damage to its target, however, it makes the target vulnerable for a certain period of time.

LOCKDOWN (ultimate): A deployable device that detains and disarms any enemy caught within its range for 8 seconds. The device takes 13 seconds to charge up which serves as a warning for the opponent team.


The Australian agent Skye is the only other agent in the game, except Sage who can provide healing to her allies. She possesses an interesting mix of abilities that makes her an excellent initiator.

GUIDING LIGHT (signature): A controllable hawk trinket that essentially serves as a flash.

REGROWTH (purchasable): A healing trinket that can provide heal to multiple allies within its range.

TRAILBLAZER (purchasable): This allows Skye to take control of a Tasmanian tiger who can jump and explode on an enemy, damaging and concussing him/her in the process.

SEEKER (ultimate): A seeker trinket that allows Skye to launch three seekers that hunt down three nearby enemies.


Hailing from Japan, Yoru is the fifth duelist of Valorant. However, unlike other duelists, he specializes in invading enemy lines without being seen.

GATECRASH (signature): It activates a portal that can be set at a specific location or path allowing Yoru to instantly teleport to that location.

BLINDSIDE (purchasable): It is essentially a pop flash that temporarily blinds an enemy.

FAKEOUT (purchasable): This allows Yoru to deploy a trail of fake foot-steps in a certain direction.

DIMENSIONAL DRIFT (ultimate): A supernatural mask that teleports Yoru to a different dimension making Yoru invisible and invulnerable to enemies. This ability lasts for 9 seconds.

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