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Valorant Episode 3 Act 3 – What’s New? (Patch 3.09)

Here’s everything you need to know about the brand new Patch 3.09 that has brought Episode 3 Act 3 of Valorant.

Valorant has been out for over a year and has successfully managed to gain a massive player base within a limited time. Since its official release, the game has changed a lot from what it once was. Currently, Valorant is on its Episode 3 Act 3, and here are all the new changes made to the game from the previous Act, i.e Episode 3 Act 2.

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Weapon Changes


There hasn’t been any drastic change in Valorant’s weapons section, however, the Classic took a bit of a toll. The free pistol in the game, the Classic, is well known for its effective right-click that always tends out to be deadly. But with the recent patch, the gun’s right-click burst fire has been nerfed to some extent.

  • Jumping Firing Error has been increased from 1.1 to 2.1 [ Total error when Jumping is 4.0, up from 3.0]
  • Running Firing Error has been increased from .2 to 1.3 [ Total error when Running is 3.2, up from 2.1]
  • Walking Firing Error has been increased from .05 to .6 [ Total error when Walking is 2.5, up from 1.95 ]

Map Changes


The maps section of the game has also not been changed by much except for the recently added Fracture. Fracture is the new game map that was added in the previous Act. The map has been adjusted and changed for a better competitive experience this time.

  • The B Arcade attacker barrier has been shifted back towards the Attacker Side Bridge. This will allow the defenders to more easily contest the area than before.
  • The Defender barrier at A Rope has been moved up to the top of ropes. This will make the preparations for the Sentinels a bit easier.
  • The A Hall orb has been shifted into a more neutral space. It was a bit favourable for the attackers before, whereas now it will be at a neutral advantage for both sides.
  • A new piece of the cover has been added to the Attacker spawn. This will break the long sightline from the Hall entrance to B Main. This would favour the attackers as they won’t have to worry much about any fast flank from the defenders.

Changes to the Game Mechanics

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The Ropes and the Ziplines are some of the most vital parts of the game’s in-game mechanics. They are a concurring feature on most of the maps, Fracture, Icebox, Breeze, and Split. These are the slight changes that were made.

  • Smoother Ropes/Ziplines
  • Any jittery movement that used to occur, when stopping or changing directions on a zipline or rope, has been fixed. This was most noticeable when players used to move a small amount and then stopped over and over again.

E-SPORTS Features Added

  • Observers will no longer be locked out of the X/Y axes when speeding up with the right bumper (R1) on a gamepad controller.
  • Free Cam observation is now a better experience.
  • Observers can now set handedness for teams to their own preference.
  • When this option is toggled ON, the observers will see players that start the match on the Attacker Side, as right-handed. While players that start the match on the Defender Side will be projected as left-handed.

General Changes

“One path for all traffic into game servers”

Players that were particular to a preferred server may now notice that a previously preferred location is no longer there. The Devs have consolidated the ‘two paths’ into the game servers into ‘one’. No previously available servers were removed.

Bug Fixes


A bug that was reported to cause the default Act Rank badge to display on an Unrated game loading screen has been fixed.

Agent Changes

Some slight changes to two agents that were implemented in the game are Cypher and Jett.


  • Cypher can no longer place his Spycam on the Breeze door at the A site lobby. It used to let Cypher players destroy or see through the door when it was lowered.
  • Some other random spots where Cypher could not place the Spycam in the same area have been fixed.


  • A bug that displayed Jett’s 1P Updraft visuals incorrectly has been fixed.

New Agent

This game introduces either a new agent or a new map alternatively with each big act or episode change. And with Episode 3 Act 3, Valorant has planned to add a new agent in the game called Chamber. Chamber is the new Sentinel in the game but hasn’t been added to the game yet. We still have to wait for a couple of weeks until the Chamber is added to the roaster.

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These have been every change and addition to the game that came with Valorant Episode 3 Act 3 [Patch 3.09]. Be sure to follow us at for more Gaming, Tech and Anime related articles.

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