Valorant EP 4 Act 3- New Agent, Battle Pass, New Skins, and More?

The long-awaited Valorant EP 4 Act 3 has finally been released and it has implemented some new changes to the game, a few of them were expected while some others came as a surprise.

With the Valorant EP 4 Act 3, the detailed changes can be found within the Valorant Patch Notes 4.08. However, we will be discussing these new additions in detail down below!

Agent Changes in Valorant EP 4 Act 3

As players were already aware, two main agent changes were supposed to happen with this new Valorant EP 4 Act 3, they were Jett and Fade. However, the developers had a few more in planning.

The need for agent changes is required to keep the game balanced and fair for all the players. Valorant is a 5v5 competitive FPS, and its meta is always evolving and changing. This is to add more flavors to the game and to avoid being boring. So, here are all the agent changes that came with the Valorant EP 4 Act 3!

Fade is now Payable

Valorant EP 4 Act 3, Fade, New Agent
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Fade is the all-new agent in Valorant and players can now unlock and play with her in games. To know more about this new initiator and twentieth agent addition to the game, check out our previous article.


  • Changes in Jett
Valorant EP 4 Act 3, Changes in Jett
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The Jett nerf was teased a long while ago and it has finally been implemented. The Tailwind ability, or Jett’s Dash, allowed her to instantly perform a dash movement and avoid funny situations. This ability had become quite overpowered through the time, thus changing it was the only fair thing to do.

Now players have to press E to start the Tailwind charge with a 12 seconds window. Jett players have to use their dash within this time or else it would be wasted. They can dash only once within this time, however, the dash recharges after two kills in the round.

  • Changes in Neon
Valorant EP 4 Act 3, Changes in Neon
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Neon has received quite the buff and a bit of nerf with the new Valorant EP 4 Act 3 update. First of all, her battery energy gain after killing an enemy has been increased to 100% from 25%. Her High Gear’s velocity restriction has been removed and she can slide forward and sideways now while moving. The energy drain has been increased from 6.7/s to 10/s. her Fast Lane’s wall damage has been removed to allow more players to push along with Neon.

  • Changes in Sova
Valorant EP 4 Act 3, Changes in Sova
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This one is another unexpected change that came in with Valorant EP 4 Act 3. Sova’s Owl Drone ability has received a duration cut from 10s to 7s. The drone HP has been reduced to 100 from 125. The dart reveal of the drone will now only ping the enemy’s location twice. The first ping delay has been increased from 1.2 s to 1.6s.

Sova’s Shock Dart ability has now been nerfed. It will now deal a maximum of 75 damage instead of 90.

Changes to the Competitive Mode

5-Stack queues’ RR gain/loss penalty has been reduced for different ranked configs. E.g. If everyone in the 5-stack is Iron-Diamond 2, no RR penalty will be given. If there are any players in the stack outside the normal grouping, everyone will get a 25% RR penalty.

If a player in our party is Diamond 3-Immortal 3, and there’s no one Radiant, everyone will receive a 25% RR penalty. And if anyone is Radiant, everyone will get a 75% RR penalty.

Also, matchmaking/queue time for 5-player stacks has been significantly reduced.

Apart from these, a few bug fixes were made here and there, along with performance improvement of the shooting range.


This has been a guide on the new Valorant EP 4 Act 3 changes and additions. Be sure to follow us at for more Gaming, Anime, and Hardware articles.

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Written by Diptoman Saha

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