It would not be a stretch to say that Valorant is the most popular competitive first-person shooter right now. What makes Valorant unique and stand apart from the other competitive titles, is its vibrant cast of characters known as ‘agents,’ who are essentially the Heroes of the Valorant world. Currently, there are fourteen agents in the game: Brimstone, Jett, Phoenix, Raze, Reyna, Sage, Sova, Breach, Cypher, Omen, Viper, Killjoy, Skye, and Yoru.

Each of these ‘agents’ possesses four distinct abilities that are unique to the character. These abilities include one signature, two purchasable, and one ultimate ability.

SIGNATURE: This ability is available for free at the start of every round and either gets recharged over time or gets regenerated on getting kills depending on the ‘agent’ you chose.

PURCHASABLE: These abilities are purchasable during the buy phase of each round.

ULTIMATE: This is the strongest ability of an ‘agent’ and requires 6-7 skill points to charge up. Skill points can be obtained by capturing orbs, planting or defusing spikes, or through kills.


Just like the abilities, there are four distinct classes in Valorant:- Controllers, Duelist, Initiator, and Sentinel.

CONTROLLER: These ‘agents’ generally provide support to the team and they specialize in blocking enemy line of sight.
Agents- Viper, Brimstone, Omen.

DUELIST: These ‘agents’ are responsible for providing entry frags for their team and are generally treated as attackers.
Agents- Phoenix, Jett, Reyna, Raze and Yoru.

INITIATOR: These ‘agents’ specialize in gathering information.
Agents- Sova, Breach, and Skye.

SENTINEL: These ‘agents’ are excellent defenders as they specialize in denying entry to the attackers at a particular site.
Agents- Cypher, killjoy, and Sage.

So, with that being said lets take an in-depth look at the abilities of every agent present in the game.


Brimstone is a controller who is a utility specialist. His utility ranges from simple sky smokes to something as powerful as hellfire.

SKY SMOKES (signature): Uses the mini-map to deploy multiple smokescreens that blocks the opposition’s line of sight.

STIM BEACON (purchasable): A combat simulator that increases the fire rate of your allies.

INCENDIARY (purchasable): An incendiary grenade launcher that covers up a certain area in flames.

ORBITAL STRIKE (ultimate): Calls in a lethal air-strike that has a duration of 4 seconds.


Hailing from South Korea, Jett arguably provides more agility than any other duelist present in Valorant.

TAILWIND (signature): This ability is more commonly known as a ‘Dash.’ It allows Jett to quickly cover a short distance in the direction she is moving.

CLOUDBURST (purchasable): It is essentially a projectile that expands to form a smokescreen on impact with a surface. The flight trajectory of cloudburst can also be controlled.

UPDRAFT (purchasable): Instantly propels Jett into the vertically upward direction.

BLADE STORM (ultimate): A lethal set of throwing knives that restocks on getting a kill.


Phoenix is a highly offensive character whose abilities offer a ton of outplaying opportunities. His abilities are simple yet highly effective, making him an easy pick for beginners.

HOT HAND (signature): It is a fireball that creates a fire zone that damages the enemies but heals up Phoenix.

BLAZE (purchasable): A firewall that is mainly used to restrict the enemy’s line of sight while also providing damage to anyone passing through it.

CURVEBALL (purchasable): It essentially works like a flash grenade that has a curved trajectory.

RUN IT BACK (ultimate): It activates a body double of Phoenix for a short period of time. If the timer expires or Phoenix dies during that period, then he gets respawned with full hp at the starting location of his ultimate.


Raze is a highly aggressive character whose skill-set is mostly cantered around explosives. She specializes in flushing out enemy territories through her efficient use of utilities.

PAINT SHELLS (signature): A cluster grenade that deals damage to anyone within its range.

BOOM BOT (purchasable): It is a deployable bot that chases an enemy in its sights and explodes to deal heavy damage if it is able to reach its target.

BLAST PACK (purchasable): Better known as a ‘satchel’, it acts like a grenade that can be detonated, damaging and knocking back anyone within its range.

SHOWSTOPPER (ultimate): A rocket-propelled grenade that travels in a straight line and explodes on coming in contact with any surface, dealing a high amount of damage to anyone caught up in its radius.


Reyna strikes terror in the enemy team through her supernatural powers. However, compared to the other agents in Valorant, Reyna’s abilities are dependent on the player’s capability to score kills.

DISMISS (signature/ purchasable): Consumes a soul orb after getting a kill to become impalpable for 2 seconds.

DEVOUR (signature/ purchasable): Consumes a soul orb after getting a kill, which heals up Reyna. It can also overheal for a limited amount of time.

LEER (purchasable): An exquisite eye that temporarily blinds the nearby enemies.

EMPRESS (ultimate): Temporarily buffs the firing, reloading, and equipping speed. Taking a kill during this period allows Reyna to heal up automatically while also refreshing the duration of her ultimate.


Hailing from China, Sage is essentially a supporting character of the team, who is known for healing up allies and slowing down the enemies.

HEALING ORB (signature): A glowing orb that grants 60 HP to her or to her allies over a certain period of time.

BARRIER ORB (purchasable): Creates a thick and solid ice wall that stays for a time span for 30 seconds if not broken externally.

SLOW ORB (purchasable): A radiant orb that expands on impact with the ground to form an ice field which slows down the enemies trapped in it.

RESURRECTION (ultimate): Sage’s ultimate can resurrect an ally with full HP.


An efficient hunter tracks down his enemies with ruthless accuracy. Sova is known for his scouting abilities.

RECON BOLT (signature): Fires an arrow that is essentially a sonar emitter which reveals the locations of any nearby foe.

OWL DRONE (purchasable): A recon drone that can shoot a marking dart on an enemy.

SHOCK BOLT (purchasable): A shock arrow that damages the enemies in its impact radius.

HUNTER’S FURY (ultimate): Fires three wall-piercing energy blasts that tag the enemy(s) caught in its line and inflicts a heavy amount of damage.

Thanks for reading so far. We are going to cover the rest of the seven agents of Valorant in part 2 of this article. Also, do check out VALORANT Episode 2 Act 1 – Everything you need to know.

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Written by Diptoman Saha

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