Valheim for Beginners- Important Food Combos and Cheat Commands

Valheim is a survival game that has positively impacted the survival craft genre. As games from the survival genre go, this one also takes a while to get habituated with the meta. But once you have learned the basics, you will ease up the difficulty level in this game. Two most important aspect for such is having the recipe of great food combos and some cheat codes that will come in handy when the world of Valheim gets too cruel.

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About Valheim

Food Combos
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The game was released back on February 2nd of 2021 and it has managed to sell nearly 8 million copies worldwide. The most interesting fact about it is that the game is still under development and was released under Early-access on Steam. The developers, Iron Gate AB, have worked wonders with this title and are in the process of developing the game for a full phase release. The game is based on Norse mythology where players are fallen warriors who have to fight for survival in the Viking purgatory, known as Valheim, to be worthy in the eyes of Odin who will grant them a place in Valhalla.

Like other survival games, this one also focuses on basic survival aspects as the base. The need to build a base as a shelter, acquire food, maintain health points and stamina, forge new and useful weapons, craft tools for workability, etc. are some of the important tasks. Apart from this, the main attraction for players is to explore new lands and find new materials and everything it has to offer. With everything accumulated, the Boss Fights to progress further in the game can be named as the prime intention as of now.

But such requires a player’s basic skills of survival to be at max and for so, they need to prepare and upgrade various things. These are shelters, weapons, shields, food, etc. We will be talking about one of these that can affect your gameplay and your progress directly.

Food Combos in Valheim

Food Combos
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Food and different food combos in the game are important to maintain stamina, reestablish lost health points and grant other perks. The three important food combos that you need to know are listed below;

1- Lox Meat Pie

This food combo is one of the best ones available in the game. This grants players with 80 plus health boost and an 80 plus stamina boost. This also has a healing speed of 4 HP per game tick. The base stats of this food combo is the highest in the game. To prepare this, you would need 2 cooked lox meat, 4 Barley flour, and 2 cloudberries.

2- Cooked Meat

Cooked meat is one of the basic and initial food combos you will find and need in the game. This can be prepared by cooking the meat that you would obtain by hunting animals. A unit of cooked meat grants players a 40 plus Health and a 30 plus stamina boost. You will need this food combo in the early part of the game, as well as, further down the road as it is easily available and useful.

3- Blood Pudding

This one is a great alternative to the first option if you require more health points over stamina regeneration. The blood pudding food combo grants players a 90 plus health point bonus and a 50 plus stamina boost. To prepare this food combo, you would require 4 barley flour, 2 thistles, and 2 blood bag.

How to enable Console Command

To access cheat codes, you would require to enable console command in the game. To do so, you would need to press ‘F5’ on your keyboard while the game is running. The console command box will open up and there will be a dedicated typing place where you can input your cheat codes.

Some Useful Cheat Codes

Food Combos
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  • god – This console command will activate the God Mode in the game. This means, players won’t be taking any damage from the nature or players in the game and will not die.
  • killall – Suppose you have essential loot that you have worked for hours to get. And while transporting them from one biome to the other, where your base is, you get attacked by hostile creatures, enormous in number. You can’t lose at that time, so you can use this command and it will eliminate all surrounding enemies within a fixed radius.
  • spawn [item] [quantity] [level] – This console command will let you spawn a series of items in the game, in front of you. You can choose the item, its number and even the level. For example, if you type ‘spawn silver 50’ in the console, the game will spawn 50 units of silver.
  • save – This option will force the game to create a save point at the time of activating this command.

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These have been some of the important food combos and cheat commands that beginner players will require in Valheim. Be sure to follow us at for more gaming, tech, and anime-related articles and news.

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