Genshin Impact- Useful Tips to help you survive the Sheer Cold

The Genshin Impact realm is huge and some of the terrains are more challenging than the others. Here are some tips to survive the sheer cold in Genshin Impact.

About Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games in the gaming community and the huge fan and player base around the world gives concrete proof. The game was officially released around a year ago and since then it has changed a lot for the good. It is a rich story-driven, action-adventure RPG that focuses on its fluid combat and multi-party playing system. There’s a lot to do and find in the game.

With everything comes the vast open-world experience that truly embraces the game to its optimum. The story in the game takes the protagonist to a new world and lands him in the outskirts of Mondstadt. Gradually, as the game progresses, the player can roam and explore the wild in search of new terrain, which the game offers in plenty.

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Where is Dragonspine in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
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If you have played Genshin Impact in the past or even you have just started, you would know that the map for the game is huge in scale. Just like Mondstadt, there are various other terrains that players will eventually discover while exploring. Mondstadt is, however, a pleasing place where nature favors comfort and living without much of a worry.

But as the game progresses, players need to move towards the unknown places on the map. Like Mondstadt and Liyue, another terrain that requires the players to visit in order to complete new story-related tasks is called Dragonspine. It is situated on the far Westside of Mondstadt, you will come across this snow-covered terrain.

The Sheer Cold and Other Dangers of Dragonspine

This new area’s cold climate is deadly in nature and you will also find a lot of new higher-level enemy NPCs. When you enter this region, a blue bar will appear at the top of your health bar. The limiter of this new health bar will go up with time and the more you stay in this area, the higher it will go. Once it reaches the maximum limit, your HP will start to decrease gradually and kill you.

If you think you can avoid the Sheer Cold and fight the new enemies within the time limit then you would be wrong. The enemies here are much stronger and require more time to defeat. So in order to avoid suffering the loss of Health Points and freezing to death, you would need these easy tips that will keep you safe from the freezing cold Dragonspine terrain.

Tips to survive the Sheer Cold in Genshin Impact

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There are various ways by which you can nullify the effect of the Sheer Cold mechanic that activates upon entering the snowy Dragonspine region. We will list all the common methods that you can use to favor your stay in this deadly terrain.

1- Bonfire and Torches

Upon entering this terrain, you will commonly find many pre-lit fire spots like bonfires and torches. They are situated in various parts of this region, scattered to be precise, so you will be in the range of at least on sight, wherever you step foot on. These random bonfires and tall standing torches will provide players with heat and warmth when standing near them. This nullifies your Sheer Cold bar completely but starts again when you leave this area.

2- Scarlet Quartz

There is Scarlet Quartz located across this region which you can pick up. When you gather this item, the Sheer Cold bar will get reduced by some bit and will give you some headroom to work with.

3- The Statue of Seven

There is a Statue of Seven located in Dragonspine. Players need to unlock this first as it will come in handy a lot. Coming in close contact with this statue will not only remove the Sheer Cold effect but also heal all the members of your party.

4- Healer Character

If you have a healer in your party like Barbara, Qiqi, Jean, or others then you don’t need to worry much about the other points. These healer characters will come in handy to keep you away from freezing and dying.

5- Warming Seelie

Like other regions, there are seelies too in Dragonspine. But they are red in color and if you follow them around while staying close, your Sheer Cold will nullify.

6- Goulash Recipe

This food recipe called Goulash Recipe lowers the effects of Sheer Cold when consumed. It is helpful in the long run so keep some preparation beforehand.

These are some of the useful tips that you need to survive the sheer cold in Dragonspine. It is such an important region that you can’t avoid so we hope this helps you. Be sure to follow us for more Gaming, Anime, and Tech related articles.

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