Don’t Starve Together: 5 Mods You Must Install

Don’t Starve Together is an Indie survival game that was released back on April 21, 2016. Despite being more than five years old, this immensely popular multiplayer title is still going strong. And, if you just got your hands on this one, or maybe planning to buy the game sometime soon, then you are in luck! As of today, we will list five of the most useful Mods that you should try when playing Don’t Starve Together.

What is a Mod?

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A Video game mod is essentially a modification that is often created by gaming enthusiasts, which brings about tweaks and changes to a pre-existing game or adds external elements that were initially not present in the game. They are generally applied in order to make the game aesthetically more pleasing or to extend its possibilities.

Don’t Starve Together is different and better in this case as it officially supports Mods in the game.

1. EvenMr & Swaggy’s Giant-Size Map

If you are tired of playing the game with its usual and basic-sized map, then EvenMr & Swaggy’s Giant-Size Map has got you covered. This mod essentially allows the players to view the world that is twice as big as the default size.

2. 999 Stack Size

999 Stack Size is a highly useful mod that allows players to store 999 items of the same kind on stack per single inventory slot.

3. Fast Travel

If you are tired of walking to your destinations in the extensive world of Don’t Starve Together, then the Fast Travel mod can come in handy. This mod allows players to travel from one home sign to another in an instant.

4. G10MM-3R

G10MM-3R mod is essentially an automated resource collector. You can even tell G10MM-3R which resources to collect and which ones do not, and it stores all the resources inside a modified Glommer Statue (dubbed “G10MM-3R Base”).

5. Wilson’s Cabin

Rather than living in small mud huts, Wilson’s cabin offers the players an immaculate cabin. The cabin also lets the players gain 60 HP and 50 Sanity points per rest as well.

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Written by Diptoman Saha

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