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Top 5 GTA: V Mods that you should try in 2021

Modern-day gaming and its possibilities are more than anyone can imagine. Gamers have gone way beyond the vanilla games and try different approaches to their favorite games. The concept of MODs is not new and has been in the gaming community for years now. Actually, they have been in existence for nearly as long as gaming has been a thing. Mods are not only used to make an ‘already great game’ better but are also used to stabilize titles that are not up to mark by the developers themselves.

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Classic games like Elder Scroll’s Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Minecraft, etc are some of the examples of games that have countless mods available. This provides players to approach their favorite games with a different set of possibilities. For example, one can have the option to play Hulk, Spiderman, or crow instead of the three protagonists from the Grand Theft Auto: V series. Modding an open-world game like GTA: V is a popular ethic and it makes the game insanely hilarious and fun.

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GTA: V mods have always been a hot topic and the list of available mods is long. The story mode and the online experience are both great and its gameplay and graphics are also good for a 2013 released AAA title. But we can agree on the fact that many players have already finished the story mode more than multiple times by now and may feel bored by the same old online experience. Such players can always try the different available mods for a better graphical boost, better AI, multiple character choices, etc.

Top 5 GTA: V Mods you should try

Here are our top 5 preferred Mods for GTA: V that you can try in 2021:-

1- NaturalVision Remastered

GTA: V is still one of the most iconic games in the terms of modern video game graphics and as an open-world game, it is near realistic ‘gameplay feeling’. But, even the highest most setting would not offer players the real-world feel. This is where this mod comes into action. The NaturalVision Remastered mod for the game excels the graphics of the game into something very ‘real life-like’ realism visuals. This mod offers a 4K resolution upgrade and a photo-like visual of actual Southern California. Playing the game with this mod enabled will give you a more immersive look and feel.

Mod Link: Click Here

2- GTA Realism

Those who are a fan of role-playing games that adhere to realism can use this mod to illustrate their gaming experience. GTA V does not entirely follow the rules and methods of the actual world and thus we can see some bizarre scenarios here and there in the game. This mod gives the game a sense of a subtle yet clever hyper-realism, like NPCs following road signs, traffic lights and respecting speed limit, a bleeding effect for when someone gets shot, flat car tires could be replaced with spare ones from the trunk (just like in the real world), dropping wallets, and much more. This enhances GTA V by actually setting it a few tones down to normal. It really is amazing and you should try it.

Mod Link: Click Here

3- Real California Architecture

GTA V is based on real-world impressions of South California. The featured Los Santos is great and all and has a realistic resemblance but it is no L.A. This Real California Architecture gives the game a visual enhancement to looking more like the real deal. It changes many structures from the GTA V version to the actual thing. For example, the ‘VINEWOOD’ sign becomes the ‘HOLLYWOOD’ sign, and other inclusions like the Beverly Hills Hotel, Hollywood Wax Museum, etc. get added.

Mod Link: Click Here

4- Prison Mod

Talking about realism, let us take dying in a bad car blast and then miraculously respawning aside for an instance. Why is there no prison or jail system in the game? When you get busted by the cops, you only get respawned outside of a nearby police station and some amount of your money gets subtracted as ‘bail’ i guess. But what if you do not want to get out and experience the prison in the game? This is where the popular prison mod comes into action. This mod enables the possibility of you actually getting inside of prison after getting busted.

Not only this, but you can roam across the prison as the inmate you are, talk with the other inmate NPCs. You can either be e good man and wait out your sentence or can even attempt to break out and seek your freedom. This mod doesn’t only adds the prison but also the system of actual punishment being served. This mod is really amazing and you should try it out to make your GTA: V sessions more realistic.

Mod Link: Click Here

5- Simple Zombies

You can possibly name hundreds of zombie games in a few minutes. Zombie games are a massively popular genre and we get it, it is both fun and horrifying at times. But what happens when you add zombie mode to a game like GTA: V, the answer is ‘a masterpiece’.

This Simple Zombies mod makes the game a zombie survival across the infected city of Los Santos. The GTA: V physics, essence, open-world when collides with this mode, make it a real-life survival simulator.n

Imagine your good old Los Santos getting run over by infected all over and you are fighting them off with all the available weapons you get, all while managing food, shelter, and health.

There are many more of these that add a different feel to the game. Like the ability to play GTA V as the Hulk, destroying everything, or as a crow, flying in the sky and living like a crow I guess. Whatever man, we don’t judge here, play as a shark on land or whatever as long as you are having fun. MODs are thus an amazing advantage to the gaming world, who would have thought you can have the games do stuff that they were not intended to do, like have a zombie apocalypse.

Mod Link: Click Here

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There are many other games that can be a thousand times more fun when played with Mods. For example, the recently released survival game ‘Valheim’, that had a huge impact on the survival game genre. If you want to know more about Valheim Mods or GTA Mods, please let us know down below. Be sure to follow for more gaming, hardware, and technological articles.

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