Top 5 Drop Locations in Apex Legends Mobile

Would you like to know about the Top 5 Drop Locations in Apex Legends Mobile? Before Apex Legends Mobile globally launches, the game developers are testing it with this early form of release in a few regions. This way, they can get feedback from the players themselves. But do not fear, as the game will be launching soon for all the regions, expected within 2022.

About Apex Legends Mobile

Top 5 Drop Locations in Apex Legends Mobile
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As one of the most played battle royale games, it shares the fame with the other widely played games like PUBG and Fortnite. Both of its competitors had entered the mobile market early and were successful in creating a whole community based on their mobile versions. Compared to that, the entry of Apex Legends was much late but watching the current state of the game, we are hopeful that it will rise in popularity.

Apex Legends Mobile is a hero-based, battle royale game that has different characters with different skill sets, along with gun-play. Though the game has its own unique theme, the core aspect remains the same, i.e. staying the last man alive. Thus, understanding the map and landing on the right spots can be the difference between losing and being the Apex Champion. Some already know the game while many are unaware of its meta. So, here are the Top 5 Drop Locations in Apex Legends Mobile.

Top 5 Drop Locations in Apex Legends Mobile

Today, we will be focusing on the map called World’s Edge. This map both high and low tier loot locations and dangerous open areas and cover spots. This is one of our favorite maps and here are its 5 best landing spots in Apex Legends Mobile.

1) The Epicentre

The Epicentre
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The snowy region of the Epicentre is located in the northern region of the map, just south-eastern to the Skyhook. It is considered one of the popular drop spots in the game. If you are looking to get good loot on hand and a few early eliminations, then the Epicentre is a wise choice.

2) Thermal Station

Thermal Station
Source – Dot Esports

Located at the South-Western corner of the map, the Thermal Factory is a hub of good loot. It is a massive location with a lot of looting points, ideal for a 3-man squad to be fully geared up.

3) Skyhook

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The Skyhook is one of the most preferred drop points on the map. Even if you land there directly or not, you will find many to visit in order to secure good loot. There are multiple buildings to loot from and provides an interesting close combat aspect.

4) Capitol City

Capitol City
Source – EA

Just south of the Epicentre, the player will come across. The loot provided here is generally of a mid-tier category but it still offers a lot of ammunition if you want to stack up that. It is not much recommended for early fights as the loot won’t be much in your favor.

5) Sorting Factory

Sorting Factory
Source – Dot Esports

The Sorting Factory is located near the Southside of the World’s Edge Map. It is best for beginners who want to understand the game more by staying alive. The loot here is generally of mid to high-tier but it is just about enough for a 3-man squad. But you can also visit the Tree location just southwest of the Sorting Factory. You should start there if you are new to Apex Legends Mobile.

These were our Top 5 Drop Locations in Apex Legends Mobile for beginners. There’s more to the game than just landing at the best spots, like understanding the meta, learning all the abilities of the available legends, knowing all the guns and how they work, and much more. We will have an extensive guide to Apex Legends Mobile soon, so be sure to follow us at for more similar content.

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