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Top 3 Free FPS Games to try in 2021

First-person shooter classics like Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc. are great to play and pass time with. But there are some free gems hidden that you should try out. Here are the Top 3 free FPS Games to try in 2021.

Due to the current pandemic situation, the gaming industry has taken a major toll on upcoming video game releases. The total number of big releases decreased and were delayed, while some managed to have a release. The First-person shooter or FPS genre is a very widely played category and there are quite great choices to choose from. If you are looking forward to the new AAA releases and want to try some free FPS games to get an essence of, be sure to check this article through.

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Top 3 Free FPS Games for 2021

The most popular and classic FPS titles are generally paid games, while the free-to-play section of that category is limited. Even so, there are some great options that you could choose from and enjoy several hours as of 2021. Here is the list stating the top 3 free games to play in 2021.

3| CounterStrike: Global Offensive (CSGO)

Top 3 Free FPS Games
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If you are aware of PC games, especially the FPS genre, you would have probably already heard about CounterStrike. It is one of the classics and has been around for a long time. CS: GO was developed by Valve Corporation and was released back in 2012. With more than eight years in existence, the game is still very popular and is played by thousands of players across the globe.

CS: GO has recently become free-to-play, which means you can enjoy the game without the need to pay for it. However, to play prime matches, one has to either reach in-game rank/ level 21 or buy prime. CS: GO is a 5v5 team-based, tactical FPS that relies on precise gunplay and tactics. There are multiple game modes available in the game but the three most popular ones are Competitive, Wingman and Deathmatch. If you like the competitive approach of 5v5 matches, you will love the first option, while wingman is the same concept but with a 2v2 setup on a small map. You can also just wander around the map while spraying different weapons and fight everyone on sight in a death match.

2| Valorant

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Valorant is one of the most popular releases of last year, ie. 2020. The game was teased as a “CS: GO killer” and had a huge influence on the gaming community before its release. Since its release, the game was undoubtedly a huge hit with major success across all regions. Valorant is a Free-to-play 5v5 hero-based tactical shooter that relies upon both gun-play and agents abilities. If you like CS: GO, you would also want to try Valorant as its gunplay over official 128 tick rate servers feels much smoother and responsive. The game has 16 agents to select from with classes like Initiator, Sentinel, Duelist, and Controller. Each of these agents has its own sets of abilities that are suitable in accord with their classes.

It surely is a great approach to the 5v5 tactical FPS genre and the agent abilities add up to the entire experience. Valorant also has multiple game modes while the Competitive still being the most popular and selected mode. Who doesn’t like some rank pushes? The game developer, Riot Games, has done a great job in maintaining the game and listening to the community output as much as possible. Valorant is relatively easier to learn than the other counterparts and is a fun game overall.

1| Apex Legends

credits – Throneful (YouTube)

Battle royales have been a huge segment in the recent gaming world. From titles like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) to Fortnite, this genre has introduced the concept of gaming to a massive population across the world and changed video gaming culture. Though many of the games in this genre were repetitive and thus died, some stayed thanks to their original concept and fun. Apex Legends is one of such battle royale games. The game is one of the most popular of this section and is still played by many across the globe.

Apex Legends is a hero-based FPS game that is based on the battle royale concept. It has futuristic weapon mechanics and over 16 different legends to select from. Each legend has its own sets of unique skills and abilities that enhance your game. The game recently had a new interesting mode released, apart from battle royale. The game mode is called Arena, which is a 3v3 match within small arenas. Apex legends were released back in 2019 and the developer Respawn Entertainment has managed to keep the game fun to date.

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These have been our choices of Top 3 Free FPS Games to have a go in 2021. If you haven’t already, give them a go. Be sure to follow us at for more similar gaming and technology-related articles and news.

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