Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – An Open-World Detective Game

The popular detective game series, Sherlock Holmes, is getting a brand new title which is bound to release this year. The game is called Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One and know all the essential details in the article below.

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Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character from the world-renowned classic detective novel series, composed by Arthur Conan Doyle. People in masses around the world have become a fan of the genre after reading the mysteries solved by Sherlock and his partner, Dr. Watson. Let us see what the new Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One has to offer.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One
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The last Sherlock Holmes game in this series was released back in 2016, called Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter. After such a huge gap, Frogwares has finally announced the latest addition in the series called Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. It will be the first game in the entire series to be self-published by Frogwares themselves. This upcoming action-adventure, detective game has a lot of interesting things to offer to us, lets get on with that now.


Like the classic ones, this latest detective title is also going to be a narrative-driven game where players get to play as the legendary Sherlock Holmes. You can go around and research for your job, solve cases and follow the style of a detective that you long for. The game sets in on an island called Cordona around 1880. Cordona is a fictional island said to be situated near the Mediterranean region. The island will give players a more ‘open world’ feel with the ability to roam and explore the surroundings.

You can talk with the inhabitants of the island, take cases to work on, investigate them up to your own accords and solve them. Sherlock will be accompanied by one of his childhood friend Jon, who also keep a diary and your behavior towards him will affect your relationship. As you have already read in the original books or have even seen in various Sherlock Holmes movies, Sherlock is one sharp chap that lets him decipher even the faintest of the clues and information. This will be helpful in the game as just his simple glance on a subject will reveal much information to work within your cases. Yes, It is just as exciting as it sounds.

The “Detective Stuff” and More

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The eye-catching features of the new detective title Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One are mentioned below:

  • Family Mansion- Sherlock’s visit to the exotic yet dangerous Cordona island has many ties. One of which is his Family Mansion, which will work as a central hub in the game, where he can redecorate the furniture, meet new people, get job offers, mails, etc. The Family Mansion is essential for the main story of the game.
  • Disguise- In Sherlock Holmes games, keeping your identity secure is a vital key while investigating cases. So, just like in the previous games, there is an option to select different outfits to blend within the masses of Cordona.
  • Observe- As mentioned earlier in the article, Sherlock has an immense ability to notice and pick out details that are hidden from a normal person. Players can use this feature using a set key and glance as a person to observe and work out great details.
  • Pin Evidence- As a key part of detective investigation, there will be plenty of instances where players would need to investigate a certain clue further. This is where players can pin a certain clue and go around and ask nearby people questions regarding them.
  • Eavesdrop- Sometimes, just blending in and being at the right place at the right time is very eventful. As in the real world, people often tend to hide information from people they do not know, be that officials or locals. By simply eavesdropping, players can get exclusive details revealed by the townspeople’s casual chatting.
  • Combat- The game features a decent combat system that has been completely redesigned to meet fan’s expectations. You can choose how to approach any combat by killing threats or using the surroundings and calculations to stop them. You can even skip combat, if you do not like it, from the menu.
  • Side Activities- If you need an escape from the usual main mission, the island of Cordona offers some great alternatives. Players can explore around the island to search for side jobs, find collectable items and even go treasure hunting.

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You can also accuse the wrong person in the game and the mission will still not fail, this adds a sense of reality to the game. There are a lot of other things you can do in the game and as it seems, it will surely be one of the best in the franchise. We are very eager to play this game, and you can also pre-purchase Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One for your preferred platforms. Be sure to follow us at for more gaming, tech, and hardware-related news.

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