Rockstar officially Confirms GTA 6

The news is in and it is looking bright for the Grand Theft Auto, a.k.a GTA series. After almost a decade, we will be getting what we have longed for so many years, GTA 6!

The very long-awaited confirmation for GTA 6 has finally been stated officially and the gaming community can’t keep calm!

Rockstar Games Confirms GTA 6!

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The news is in and it is looking bright for the Grand Theft Auto, a.k.a GTA series. After almost a decade, we will be getting what we have longed for so many years, GTA 6!

The News Confirmation

In a recent tweet, Rockstar Games informed that they feel grateful towards the community and the fans for their support throughout 2021. They also shared a detailed blog post to give the community more info on what they are working upon.

In the post, Rockstar Games finally talks about the new entry in the GTA series. They said that their goal is to provide advanced results with every new project from their past. With this, they also stated that they are “pleased to confirm” the active development process of the brand new entry in the GTA series. The development process is still underway, it is likely we have to wait a little more for more information.

Rockstar Games’ GTA Series

If there’s anything that the majority of the gaming community can agree upon, it surely is Rockstar’s brilliance in game development. Rockstar has been a major game developing giant in the gaming industry for quite some time now. It reaches most of the gaming community through its well-made titles, and to popularly name a few, the Red Dead Redemption franchise, Bully, L.A. Noire, Max Payne franchise, Midnight Club Los Angeles, etc.

But the one name that is known to both the gamers and non-gamers, is the Grand Theft Auto franchise or GTA. GTA has been the game that has dominated the gaming industry, consistently, with everything it has to offer. Rockstar’s last title in this series was GTA V and we can confidently call it among the best games ever made. But GTA V was released at the later end of 2013 and since then, Rockstar Games have kept the game alive with major updates and the huge player base backed it too.

But it has been nearly 9 years and fans are demanding the next one in the series. The demand for GTA 6 has been a huge topic for many years now and the gaming world had been plagued with numerous fake news about it being released or its sneak peeks. But now, the official news about GTA 6 has wiped all confusion and hoax and made the fans hopeful.

What to expect?

Well with the very little information we have, we can at least safely assume we will be getting a large-scale open-world, action game with a new setting and a plot. Lots of cars, weapons, fun and crazy activities to do, just the usual GTA stuff.

The only thing that is confirmed is about the new entry in the series, we are yet to know about the official title. It should be close to GTA: 6 or VI, we hope.


We can expect the game to be released for both the new-gen consoles, i.e., PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X & S. Apart from that, there should be an official PC release, but the news for older generation consoles (PS4 and Xbox One X) release could be a stretch, looking at the release window.

Expected Release Date

The expected release date is to be somewhere around 2024 or 2025. It is still far away but Rockstar should take their time to perfect the game, rather than *Cyberpunk-ing* things out.

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