Rainbow Six Siege Huge Update: The Lord is Coming

Tachanka, or our Lord and Saviour, as many players know him in Siege Community, is receiving a massive buff! Tachanka has been in the backline of ops ever since he was released because of his gadget, which is a fixed mounted Russian DP28 gun. It was very underwhelming, and especially in a game like Siege where you might get shot from any angle. The introduction of Capitao in Y1S3 made Tachanka’s life a literal “Burning Hell”. (That was a pun. And a good one at that.)

Players enjoyed meme-ing Tachanka and dubbed him Lord Tachanka: no one can play good with him because he is too godly for us to use. Despite the meme-ing, the community did hope for some buff to their beloved Russian LMG wielder. And after 5 years Ubisoft heard our calls. Tachanka is reborn and now is really a god in defense. Ubisoft made announcement about the rework back in Siege Invitational 2019-2020 and on 7th of October they finally released the Tachanka trailer.

Coming Changes


Yes, you read that right. Tachanka is now able to bring his LMG on the go making him the second defender to wield a LMG after Maestro. His DP28 keeps its ridiculous damage and is now equipped with a custom sight as well.

This LMG deals huge damage and can easily open up walls, rotations and hatches. Also, you still get the 9×19 SMG, but Tachanka lost his SASG shotgun. Rest of the loadout is still same with either PMM or GSH18 as secondary weapons, and barbed wire or the proximity alarm.

“Right Back at you Capitao”

Long has the Brazilian one eyed attacker bullied our God, burning him using his fire dart. This time, the Lord has brought in a new weapon to his arsenal called the “Shumikha Launcher” as his main gadget. It’s a Grenade Launcher that contains 5 incendiary grenades. These grenades bounces once before exploding into a fiery pit, and thus you don’t require direct line of sight on the place you are trying to deny. It is very similar to how Brimstone’s molly works in Valorant. Smoke has always been the best entry denial operator, thanks to his “Toxic Babes” (gas canisters, guys), but the Russian God is now here to compete.

“You are too weak to kill a God”

No no…This isn’t a line from some JRPG, but this is what will happen in siege after the update drops. As if the previous buffs weren’t insane enough, the Lord now has Zofia’s “withstand” ability. Yes, now he will be able to self-revive with 5 health from DBNO state. Ubisoft really compensating for making his buff this late it seems.

Other updates

Alongside the lord update, the upcoming mid-season patch brings in huge buffs and nerfs to other ops too. This includes last season’s champs Melusi and Ace. The changes to these ops are as follows:

  • Ace (nerfed): Everyone knew this was coming. Ace has topped his hard breaching rivals, and is at the top of the win delta compared to others. His powerful gun combined with smokes and his ability makes him a force to be reckoned with. So, Ubisoft nerfed his gadget. His gadget will now explode 2 times. Instead of the 3 times, as it previously was.
  • Melusi (nerfed): Melusi is having a bad time since last season, given the nerfs her gadget got. Despite that, still she is a favourite amongst players, thanks to her gadget. Being a 3 speed operator, paired with the T-5 SMG, she was fearsome for sure. But like all good things comes to an end, she will be getting a nerf as well. She will have to give up her T5 to fellow defender Oryx and take his MP5 instead. We are still hoping Ubisoft will give her the angled grip on MP5.
  • Oryx (buffed): The Jordanian madman and Kaid’s student has failed to keep up with other roamers since his launch. He has received many buffs, from his ability to his gun, but still he fails to be a player favourite. Ubisoft is giving him the T5 and, thankfully, alongside the 1.5x mini ACOG sight. This might just pull his pick-rate a bit, given how powerful the T5 is.
  • Frost (buffed): Frost was the trap queen of siege when she was new. But as the game and meta progressed, her traps became almost useless. Besides her gadget, her slow firing 9mm Sterling didn’t help her stay on top of the game either. Although Ubisoft has given her 1.5x on the sterling, she still isn’t as appealing as the devs thought she would be. Now, she gets an additional firearm, the Spanish ITA12S shotgun, which seems to be great for making rotations and opening hatches.
  • Glaz (buffed): Glaz went from a terrifying monster to one of the worst operators in the game, as Siege went through its various stages. Let’s be honest – snipers don’t work in a game like Siege and Glaz’s OTS sniper isn’t really that appealing either. Ubisoft decided to give him a little buff since almost all other Spetsnaz Ops got their buffs here and there. And hooray, his thermals now gets charged within 0.4 sec instead of the 1 and also his movement penalty is reduced by 50%.

As if the current season with its completely revamped meta changes wasn’t big enough, the upcoming changes will likely make this the greatest season of Siege till date. Lord Tachanka will now be a legitimate threat to all those who meme’d on him all these years.

The Lord is coming, and we all shall face his fiery wrath.

What do you think?

Written by Diptoman Saha

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