Rainbow 6 Siege Y5S4: Neon Dawn Announcement

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A New Day for Ubisoft’s Tactical FPS Multiplayer

It might just be me, but it seems like yesterday when we got Shadow Legacy update for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Siege. The season passed, and we didn’t get a hint until Ubisoft gave us a teaser for the next season, “Operation Neon Dawn”. Ubisoft announced their content for the upcoming DLC season, Neon Dawn after the EU Major finals.

Here is what we know about the updates and balancing so far:

New Operator: Aruni

Don’t let this beautiful Thai lady fool you, as this member of Kali’s Nighthaven might become one of the best defenders in the game. This 2 speed 2 armor defender brings a crowd controlling/area denial device called the “Surya Gate”. It’s basically like a castle barricade; except the fact that it is made out of laser, and anything can pass through it. Downside being it deals damage and will use up your utilities. It deals 30 damage to attackers, and when defenders are in its proximity the gate automatically deactivates. You can deactivate it by tossing your beloved flashes and nades. The device enters a 30 second cooldown, and after the cooldown ends, anyone can shoot to reset it.

This gadget is completely bulletproof, and Aruni gets 3 of these laser net-shields. She can hook these on walls, hatches, windows and doors. While on doors, the gadget leaves a small gap for drones to pass through. However, if the drones hit the laser, it will be destroyed, and the shield will be deactivated. Her passive, a prosthetic arm which can tear open hatches, walls and other barricades without her taking any damage. Her load-out is quite interesting as she brings Dokkaebi’s MK14EBR DMR with a 1.5 magnification on it alongside Mozzie’s P10 Roni; and Cav, Capitao and Nomad’s PBR2 as sidearm. On secondary she has the barbed wire along with the proximity alarms.

New Map (Reworked): Skyscraper

Skyscraper was another of those maps which is either loved or hated to its core. Skyscraper, introduced in Operation Red Crow alongside Hibana and Echo, has seen a lot of opinions over the years. With the next season, the map will be available to play and with a lot of more lighting and scope for rotations.

Operator Changes:

Some operators are very unlucky this season, and let’s say Ubisoft is finally addressing the 20 second meta, and reducing notoriety of some operators. By a lot.

The upcoming changes include:

  • Jager: ADS now have infinite charges, but the gadget needs a 10 seconds cooldown after hitting one projectile.
  • Echo: Cloak from Yokai drones is completely removed, but he gained back his shield as secondary gadget.
  • Ash: Lost flashbangs, but gained an additional breaching round for her gadget.
  • Hibana: The queen of hatches can now be more efficient, as she can select between 2, 4 and 6 X-Kairos Pellets.
  • Valkyrie: Lost shield, but gained Frag. This might change in the future.
  • Wamai: Lost Shield and gained nades. Can change in the future once again. He also lost one of his Mag-NET disks, bringing the current count to 4.
  • Zero: Lost his nades in favor of hard breaching tool.
  • Dokkaebi: Got back her nades instead of flashes.

Gameplay Changes:

  • Faster reinforcement and melee animations.
  • Run-out timer is decreased to 1 sec and after 1 sec, the attackers will detect you.

The upcoming season looks pretty neat as for now. Ubisoft is really trying to bridge the gap between defenders being more powerful, and they are hoping to buff the attackers by a few of the upcoming changes. Stay tuned, as we bring in more news about the upcoming updates in Rainbow Six Siege.

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Written by Diptoman Saha

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