Outriders – Best Build for Each Class [ Pyromancer, Technomancer, Trickster, and Devastator]

Outriders is a recently released popular action-adventure, a looter-shooter title that had developed a decent fanbase around it. Everyone likes the looter-shooter genre, the fast-paced action, and the great rewards are some of the reasons behind their popularity. So we will guide you to the best ability build for each class in Outriders.

What is it About?

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The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where the earth has been destroyed and a survivor group has set upon a new and unknown planet to reestablish civilization. But the new planet that seemed to be welcoming was not exactly what it looked like. Players have to take one of the new challenges and fight off all the hostile odds with their gunplay and ability usage, all while being tactical. Players will be rewarded with upgrades at each point, which keeps the game fun.

Different Classes in Outriders

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Apart from the gunfight and mechanics, there are some other ways that players can get a higher ground over opponents. These advantages come in the types of different abilities that each class possesses in the game. There are four different classes in Outriders, out of which you can select your preferred one to fight with later in the game. Players will only unlock these class systems after they have finished the game Prologue.

The 4 Classes in Outriders:

  • Technomancer: Uses different gadgets, ideal for long-range battle, support character.
  • Pyromancer: Uses fire indulged abilities, ideal for medium to close-range combat, main upfront character.
  • Trickster: Uses spacetime manipulation, ideal for close-range combat, suitable for quick attacks out of the blue.
  • Devastator: Uses heavy damage as the main weapon, suitable for close to medium range combat, specializes in inflicting damage to surroundings.

Best Technomancer Ability Build

  • Pain Launcher: This skill specializes in bombardment a mid to long-range area by placing a missile launcher in front of them. It fires a series of missiles that deals damage per hit and interrupts enemy skills. This skill has a 40 seconds cooldown.
  • Cold Snap: This skill allows players to freeze nearby enemies when the gadget is dropped. The area of effect is large, making it quite an effective skill. Players can use their other damage abilities while enemies are frozen to inflict constant, uninterrupted hits. This skill has a 17 seconds cooldown.
  • Blighted Turret: PLayers can place a turret with the help of this ability. These turrets automatically fire towards enemies in the range. This also inflicts damage while inflicting Toxic onto them. This turret has its own health point and can be downed by damage. This skill has a 7 seconds cooldown.

Best Trickster Ability Build

  • Temporal Blade: This skill paralyzes and slices enemies that stand in front of you by inflicting heavy damage and Slow & Interrupting all the nearby targets. This ability has a 16 seconds cooldown. (Skill type: Damage, Interrupt)
  • Hunt the Prey: By using this skill, you can directly teleport behind an enemy that you can select. While using this ability, you will also be gifted with a shield bonus. This ability has an 11 seconds Cooldown. (Skill type: Movement)
  • Time Rift: This generates a huge shockwave that suspends all the enemies in the air. This also causes them to be stunned and unable to fight for a duration of 3.5 seconds. It also inflicts Weakness to these enemies that are in this range. This ability has a 10 seconds cooldown. (Skill type: Deception, Interrupt)

Best Pyromancer Ability Build

  • Thermal Bomb: This skill will allow you to inflict burn, interrupt and deal damage to a selected enemy. Enemies that are inflicted with this skill will blast off on death, dealing damage to nearby enemies. (skill type: Explosive, Interrupt)
  • Eruption: This generates a volcanic eruption beneath the selected enemy and deals heavy damage to all the enemies around the small radius around the target will also be affected. (skill type: Explosive)
  • Heatwave: This skill summons a fiery wave that deals heavy damage and inflicts ‘Burn’ to all enemies that befall on its path. (skill type: Ignite)

Best Devastator Ability Build

  • Reflect Bullets: This ability enables a barrier around the player, which captures all enemy projectiles and absorbs all incoming damage to the player. After 10 seconds of activation, this skill accumulates all the damage it gathered and reflects it back to enemies in front of the player. This ability has a 22 seconds cooldown. (Skill type: Protection)
  • Tremor: A series of explosions befalls around the player on activation. Each of these explosions deals some damage to eh enemy and drains Health from them. This affects enemies within a medium radius around you. This ability has a 22 seconds cooldown. (Skill type: Seismic)
  • Boulderdash: On activation, this lets your character charge forward to Interrupt all enemies in your path. This skill deals major damage to all enemies in its path. This skill has a 22 seconds cooldown. (Skill type: Kinetic, Interrupt)

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