Nvidia and AMD GPU Street Prices are finally dropping!

The long and annoying, inflated prices for Nvidia and AMD GPU are seemingly dropping, though not as rapid as you expect.

The long and annoying, inflated prices for Nvidia and AMD GPU are seemingly dropping, though not as rapid as you expect.

PC gaming enthusiasts and seasoned gamers are all aware of the fact that the street prices of Nvidia and AMD GPUs have been too unrealistic. As many of you already know, the new Nvidia and AMD GPUs are wonderful cards for their price point but they are rarely available on retail. This is because GPU hoarders and Crypto miners always get a grasp of these units before the normal consumer could even consider buying them. They then re-sell these units for a higher price in the normal market. This has directly impacted video gaming and PC gaming in general.

This sole reason, along with the worldwide pandemic and low availability of silicon, has caused such inflated prices, that go beyond thrice of the actual stated MSRP. But this situation is on its way to change and reverting back to what it once was.

Nvidia and AMD GPU Street Price Drop

Groups like Tom’s Hardware and have been monitoring these prices through eBay and the local retail prices in the USA and Germany, respectively. These charts have been stating the various online re-selling prices of sites like eBay and local retail prices to monitor their growth and depletion. And it currently states that new production units of Nvidia and AMD GPU are having a major dip in prices.

Source – 3DCenter

For example, a brand new RTX 3080 costs $699 on MSRP. But you wouldn’t find a retail unit selling, thus you have to opt. for local resellers and street markets. But the price point at which an RTX 3080 has been going since its release on the street market is about $1700. Such inflation in price, that quarters more than twice the MSRP, is what is outrageous about the PC hardware market. But the recent charts describe a potential dip in these prices.

In January of 2020, the street hardware market saw a dip in Nvidia and AMD GPU prices of around 10%. You can find an RTX 3080 for the street price of around $1600 and below. This is not a massive dip in price but is surely a welcome one. PC hardware prices can inflate insanely within a short period of time but require a long time of depleting and reverting.

Most of the new Nvidia and AMD GPUs, like the new Nvidia RTX 3000 series and the AMD RX 6000 series, have been seeing a worldwide average price drop by 5 to 10% and around.

Current PC Gaming Situation

Source – Wccftech

The inflated price of GPUs and certain PC hardware has been causing a serious problem in the PC gaming scene for more than two years. The problem was predominant since the end of 2019 and has been relatively high up till now. Many players have considered consoles as an alternative or cheap and second-hand cards for momentary usage.

The prices are becoming seemingly low and with time, we can expect to see a more drop in price. The prices are still more than the MSRP but if you have waited this long for one, the recent market might be a good choice. Now, there’s no guarantee saying that the prices will drop around the MSRP for the new and the previous series of Nvidia and AMD GPUs.

There are some aspects that require to be fulfilled before Nvidia and AMD GPU prices revert back to normal. The production quantity needs to increase, along with a decrease in time for production. This will allow retailers to sell their products at MSRP, while the increased quantity will surely drop the market and street prices. It is a big leap in possibility but not an impossible one.

The Crypto market’s influence

The world has been seeing the most growth in popularity of Cryptocurrency and nationwide changes and reforms. The crypto-mining business is another key cause for the shortage of GPUs and inflated prices. If major countries prohibit Crypto mining and restrict government use of mediums only, the GPU shortage and street prices will take a positive toll with this outcome, over major regions.

Nvidia and AMD GPU street prices later in 2022

The 5 to 10% drop in street prices for major Nvidia and AMD GPUs, especially the RTX 3000 and RX 6000 series, enlights hopes in the PC gaming market once again. These stats are from January 2022, there’s still a lot of room left in this year for its prices to come down evermore. Regardless, we are happy that some people can now buy their favorite GPUs, while others have to wait a bit longer.

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