New Agent Fade in Valorant – All Abilities Revealed!

Looking to know more about the abilities of the all-new agent Fade in Valorant? Then look no further, we will talk about the newest addition to the game’s roaster down below!

This might have been one of the most anticipated agents revealed in the history of Valorant. We don’t remember the last time the developers at Valorant added a whole new area in the Warm-Up map to tease this new initiator. Let’s talk about that down below and discuss her abilities so you can get an exact idea about what she’s going to bring to the table.

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About Fade in Valorant EP 4 Act 3

Fade in Valorant
Source – FTW USA Today

This new agent has been teased for a long time now in the game. She goes by the name of Fade, however, her codename BountyHunter became quite popular before the official name drop. Fade belongs from Turkey, and falls under the initiator class of agent. Her main job is to collect information and do reconnaissance. The addition of Fade in Valorant is going to make her the 20th agent in the game and its lore. We don’t have any concrete proof regarding her backstory, but we do get the idea that she has a lot of information on the various existing agents in the game, and she had been blackmailing them for a while now.

An Ability Guide of Fade in Valorant

Fade in Valorant, Fade Abilities, Guide
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Riot Games have just released the official agent teaser and gameplay trailer, where we could get a sneak peek at her ability pack.

  • Haunt (E)

When you press E, you equip an orb that you can fire. When fired, this orb will rise up and plunge to the ground after a time period. When this orb hits the ground, it will turn into a nightmare entity that will reveal the location of the enemies that are seen by its sight.

This ability can be destroyed by enemies before it drops down.

  • Seize (Q)

This ability grants you another orb, similar to the one above, which, when cast, will plunge to the ground after a time period. When this orb hits the ground, it makes an ink burst and creates a nightmarish zone. Within this zone, if an enemy gets caught, they won’t be able to escape from it normally.

  • Prowler (C)

When you use this ability, it will send out a Prowler out, similar to the ones in Spike rush. This ability will then travel in a straight line. And if this prowler catches a glimpse of an enemy or their trails within their conical POV, they chase him. When this Prowler catches up to the enemy, they inflict the near-sight effect on them.

You can use your fire button through which you can steer this ability in the direction of your mouse/crosshair.

  • Nightfall (X)

Fade’s ultimate is called Nightfall and it is one of the coolest looking and most effective ultimates in the game. When you use this ability, Fade equips the power of Fear. You have to fire to release the ultimate, which sends out a wave of nightmare energy. This energy can travel through walls and other types of obstacles and affects anyone caught within.

Fade in Valorant, Fade Abilities, Guide
Source – Gaming Intel

When this energy of Nightfall hits an enemy player, it creates a trail to them that Fade and her teammates could use to detect positions. Also, when an enemy gets hit by this trail, they get deafened, as well as a prolonged decay effect.

These were everything you needed to know about the abilities that the brand new agent, Fade in Valorant, has to offer.

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