Minecraft: A Quick Guide about Potions

Potions are a type of consumable in Minecraft with many uses. Minecraft is a game that is composed of different mechanics, like Crafting, Building, Farming, etc.

Minecraft features a vast open world, filled with lots of dangers and rewards. There are lots of things that you will find in the game, from wildlife to different biomes, vegetation, plants, materials, weapons, and much more. Nearly most of the stuff in the game has its own specific purpose and use cases. You will come across a lot of them and it will affect your survival journey for the better or worse.

Potions are one of such things that are an essential part of the game. If you are a beginner, then chances are you never have heard about them or had any use for them up till now. But the more advances you make in the game, you will come across tougher challenges and this is where the potions come to work.

In this guide, we will talk about some of the different options in the game, their usage, and how you can make up potions on your own.


Potions in Minecraft

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Potions are a type of consumable in Minecraft with many uses. Minecraft is a game that is composed of different mechanics, like Crafting, Building, Farming, etc. Similarly, Alchemy plays a very important role in the game. Making different types of Potions in Minecraft is a product of alchemy and you will need this to complete several of the upcoming challenges that you are yet to face.

Different Types of Potions in Minecraft

There are many types of potions in the game depending on their purposes. We can divide the type into two categories, one is Positive Potions and the other one is Negative Potions.

Positive potions include Potion of Healing, Potion of Regeneration, Potion of Fire Resistance, Potion of Strength, Potion of Leaping, Potion of Swiftness, and Potion of Slow Falling.

Negative Potions include Potion of Poison, Potion of Weakness, Extended Potion of Weakness, Potion of Harming, and Potion of Slowness.

There is another category, called Mixed Potion that includes Potion of turtle master which has both positive and negative effects. It slows players down by 60% and also reduces incoming damage by 60% for 20 seconds.

Importance of Potions

There are multiple use cases for Potions in the game. Suppose you want some Offensive and defensive perks, you can use Splash and Lingering potions to provide you with that. The vast world of Minecraft is filled with treasures and valuable things that you can find. Most of these are buried underwater and without the Potion of Water Breathing and its prolonged breathing effect, underwater exploration would be impossible and inconvenient.

How to make Potions in Minecraft?

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There are multiple types of potions, each with different recipes and different preparation styles. Players must learn that on their own regarding the potions they need to make. As for the basics, players are required to have a specific tool through which they can prepare these said potions. It is called a Brewing Stand and it is a key requirement in the process.

How to craft a Brewing Stand?

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To craft this tool, players are required to have a rafting table and these two materials;

  • 3 Cobblestone Blocks
  • 1 Blaze Rod

Blaze powder is necessary too as it works as the fuel for the Brewing stand so try getting a few when you pick them up at the Nether Fortresses while fighting Blaze mobs.

You can also get a Brewing Stand from raiding the pillager’s homes in the villages in Minecraft. The chances are thin but not zero.

Other Important Things to keep in Mind

Players will also require to have a few more time prepared for alchemy and Potion making. First of all, are empty glass bottles. You can make empty glass bottles with 3 glass blocks. You will be needing multiple of these. You will also need to have a steady water source to brew elixirs. You will be needing specific materials and specific recipes in order to create the potions you want. For more queries, you can look into the game’s search menu and type potions.

You should keep a few potions in your inventory as you will never know when they will come in handy. And looking at the unpredictable, hostile, and sometimes forgiving realm of Minecraft, you will need them for sure.


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