Microsoft acquiring Activision: What’s the future of Call of Duty on PS5

Microsoft recently bought one of the most popular and influential gaming companies called Bethesda, previous year, for about $7.5 Billion. And for Activision Blizzard, the deal stands to be worth about $68.7 Billion.

The world was not expecting the news when it suddenly hit across, the news about Microsoft acquiring the troubled company Activision. As a company, Activision has been through a lot of trouble during the past few years. The cases stalled between many misconducts and hostile work environments, including sexual harassment, against the employees of the company.

The company needed a fresh restart, a new approach, proper management, but no one expected Microsoft to jump into the action swiftly. The deal is still in the making and there’s no guarantee on how it will unfold. But if the acquisition goes through successfully, it will be the biggest in the company’s history. The final talks are expected to be finalized in the year 2023.

Microsoft recently bought one of the most popular and influential gaming companies called Bethesda, previous year, for about $7.5 Billion. And for Activision Blizzard, the deal stands to be worth about $68.7 Billion.

Microsoft’s plans for the future after Activision

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There’s no guarantee on when the deal will be finalized officially but it sure raises a series of questions that needs answers. The most important one includes the future of Activision games, like Call of Duty, or COD, on PS5.

Satya Nadella, the chairman and CEO of Microsoft, said that they are deeply investing in ‘world-class’ content, community, and the cloud. Their intention is to establish a new era of gaming that prioritizes players and content creators. Their aims include gaming to be more safe, inclusive of and accessible to all.

Activision Blizzard has around 10,000 employees within their major studios in the world. They are well known for their popular titles like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, etc. Their games involve nearly 400 million active players each month. However, with massive responsibilities, this billion-dollar franchise has many ongoing legal issues that Microsoft needs to deal with.

Future of Call of Duty and other games

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Call of Duty is one of the biggest franchises in the gaming world. It has been like that for generations and the game is also very popular on consoles including Microsoft’s rival console, the PlayStation. Activision has reported that Vanguard made the majority of the title sales on PS5, followed by PS4 and finally the Xbox One and Series X and S. So the question that arises is what new move will Microsoft play in regards to games like Call of Duty in the future.

You see, Microsoft’s Xbox console still lags behind in sales against Sony’s PlayStation. If Microsoft goes on and releases the future titles for Xbox and Playstation, then it can be beneficial for the company as the sales will increase dominantly. But there is another option that many gamers are worried about as to whether Microsoft will make Call of Duty exclusive to the Xbox platform. This will take away the sales for PS5 and directly increase the sale of Xbox Series X and S. This is a bold move and there are two separate groups of thinking involved. One comes from the business point of view where the other revolves around accessibility in gaming.

There is another possibility that the community is taking into consideration that involves the future of the Xbox Game Pass. Currently, Xbox Game Pass on console and PC offers hundreds of titles. It is a popular choice for the player as for a minimum monthly subscription, they get access to many games without the need to buy. With this new move, there might be a chance of titles like Call of Duty and others being added to Xbox Game Pass, which will lead to an outstanding rise in Game Pass sales.

Either way, many enthusiasts are squirreling over the matter but whatever decision Microsoft makes, will be beneficial to them as a company and the players of the Microsoft platform.

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