Lost Ark- All you need to know!

The game was initially released in late 2019 in South Korea and it has been a popular title since. Amazon took the opportunity to publish the game in the West and we are excited to try it for the first time.

We are just a few moments away from getting Lost Ark officially released around the globe. It is a brand new 2.5D, massively multiplayer online action / RPG (MMORPG). This South Korean-made game is free to play, making it convenient for new players to jump in. Before you buy the game, let us talk about it in detail to fulfill your curiosity.

About the Lost Ark

Lost Ark
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The game was initially released in late 2019 in South Korea and it has been a popular title since. Amazon took the opportunity to publish the game in the West and we are excited to try it for the first time. The game is co-developed by Tripod studios and Smilegate and Amazon will be the official publisher for the Western release.


The game is set in place in the land of Arkesia with the quest for the search of the Lost Ark. The world of Lost Ark is filled with various foes, abilities, and insane abilities. You will also be fighting other players in a PvP action, along with the PvP aspect.


In the land of Arkesia, players are on a quest to find the Ark. The Ark is an artifact that has saved the land of Arkesia in the past. But it has now been lost and the land is once again, being threatened by Kazeros, Lord of the Abyss. Players will have to continue their search for the lost ark and banish the unfair Kazeros to save the land again. The story might seem a bit generic but that is not why the game is interesting.

The Gameplay

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As we said before, the world of Lost Ark is set as a 2.5D isometric action, allowing players to experience an immersive top-down gameplay view of the characters and the battlefield. Diablo players are familiar with the whole concept and the ones who are not will surely like it. The gameplay concept allows players to fend off against numerous enemies and fight off against them in style with cut-throat abilities. There are a few subclasses, each having its unique skill sets and the impact is just as cool as it sounds.


There are a total of five classes in Lost Ark. They are;

  • Gunner
  • Warrior
  • Martial Artists
  • Mage
  • Assassin

Among these five major class divisions, the player has to select a specialty, also known as a subclass. Be aware of what you choose as this will impact your abilities and weapons. Apart from the Gunslinger and warrior subclass, players can select their gender as per their liking.

Character Customization

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Players also possess the ability to customize their characters to shape their character into someone strong. You can not, however, change your appearance further into the game so carefully do it at the beginning.

Other Activities

There are some side activities in Lost Ark that players can take part in. These activities include fishing, collecting wood, etc. Participating in these activities helps you to level up in the game and impact your gameplay.

Release Date

The game is set to be launched on February 11th, 2022, which is today. Players who have pre-purchased the Founder’s pack of the game should have access to it on February 8th. The exact timing of when the online services of the game will commence at 9 A.M PT / 5 P.M. GMT / 12 P.M. ET on 11th February 2022.

Our Thoughts

The game will surely provide a fresh breeze of air for players, especially the ones who have loved games like Diablo and other MMORPGs. You can get the game on steam’s official page just by clicking here.

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