Location of all Mythic weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

If you are looking for Mythic weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, then here is the right guide for you.

After a successful first season, the new season is finally here and the game has received quite a bit of a makeover. Among the numerous changes made to the game, the two biggest ones are the removal of Building and Web-shooting mechanics in the game. The first one is obviously a part of the new seasons’ storyline, while the removal of web-shooters in the game is a bit of a bummer. Fans across the globe are demanding the return for the beloved mechanic but until it does, let’s talk about some other cool stuff.

About Mythic weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2!

There are different weapon varieties and grades in Fortnite. The higher the grade of the weapon is, the more powerful it is going to be compared to normal grade weapons. As of right now, there are three Mythic weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. Each of them is a different type of gun that you should consider during games. But you won’t be able to get your hands on these powerful weapons just for free. Each of these Mythic grade weapons is equipped by different NPC bosses in Fortnite, whom you need to defeat and obtain as dropped loot.
The three Mythic weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, that are available right now in the game, are:

⦁ Huntmaster Saber’s Thermal Rifle
⦁ Dr Slone’s Burst Assault Rifle
⦁ Gunnar’s Stinger SMG

Now, each of these weapons is wielded by powerful foes that you need to locate and defeat, in order to secure them.

Location of all the Mythic weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

As we mentioned earlier, each of these weapons is wielded by powerful NPC bosses in the game. The Thermal Rifle is wielded by Huntmaster Saber, the Burst Assault Rifle is wielded by Dr Slone and the Stinger SMG is occupied by Gunnar.

1) Location of Huntmaster Saber’s Thermal Rifle

Mythic weapons in Fortnite
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One of the newest and coolest-looking NPCs in the game will be one of your targets in order to get the Mythic Thermal Rifle. Players need to look for Huntmaster Saber, whom they can find within the airship at Covert Canyon. He is a formidable enemy and we warn players to proceed with care against him. Defeating Huntmaster Saber will be a bit tough and might take some time, so be sure you are all geared up as the Thermal Rifle is worth the brawl.

2) Location of Dr Slone’s Burst Assault Rifle

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One of the main characters in the Fortnite lore is back and players can fight her to get the Mythic grade Burst Assault Rifle for their advantage. Players need to look for Dr Slone, who resides outside of the Command Cavern, in the new POI called The Fortress. Gear up and engage in a long-range battle to defeat her and get the cool Mythic grade Burst Assault rifle for yourself.

3) Location of Gunnar’s Stinger SMG

Source – Dot Esports

This one is a classic contender in the list and fans are quite familiar with this one. Wielded by Gunnar, an NPC boss, the Mythic grade Stinger SMG works like a charm in a close-range battle. You would love to have this one for your close combat scenarios. Look for Gunnar within Command Cavern and defeat him to get the Stinger SMG as dropped loot.

All of these weapons are some of the strongest variants in the game. Securing these Mythic weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 for yourselves will be the difference between victory royale and second place. So, try them out and see what suits your playstyle, and do let us know if you want more articles like this one.

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