Legends of Runeterra: Patch 1.8 Overview

The second big expansion hits Riot Games’ card game title based in the League of Legends universe, Legends of Runeterra with the Call of the mountain update. Call of the Mountain was released on August 26, and Riot Games celebrated the said event by releasing a new launch trailer for the expansion.

The New Region – Targon

The mystical mountains of Targon is finally within the sightlines of the kingdom of Runeterra as players can now explore the region with 82 brand-new collectible cards, and 7 new champions.  According to Riot Games’ official patch notes

“ On this towering mountain, cosmic beings lend their might to mortals. Astral dragons soar beyond the sky. Tribes of the faithful devote themselves to the sun and moon.Playing Targon endows you with the ability to raise your units to new heights. You win by reaching the apex of your power and confronting enemies with awesome force. Align yourself with the celestial, and the stars themselves will ordain your victory.” –(Source Riot Games)

However this is only the first half of the expansion as Call of the mountain will receive two more additional expansions of its own, one in October and one in December, each with 3 new champions and 37 non-champion cards.  The third major expansion is scheduled to be released on February 2021. The first Call of the mountain update features 51 collectible cards from Targon, including the champions Taric, Leona, Diana and Aurelion Sol. The remaining 38 cards are from the existing regions, with a focus on Ionia, Freljord and Shadow Isles and their new champions Lulu, Trundle and Nocturne respectively. Players can now grind through the new Targon Region Road in the Rewards path and the Ionia, Freljord and Shadow Isles have received bonus levels in their respective paths.

The New Keywords

Alongside the introduction of new cards in Call of the Mountain, some new keywords have also joined in the play. The new keywords to interact with are:

  • Behold: The card gets the bonus if the player has a type of card in play or hand.
  • Daybreak: The card gets the bonus if it is the first card the player plays in a round.
  • Fury: When this card kills a unit, grant it +1/+1.
  • Invoke: Allows the player to pick a “Celestial card” from among three to create in hand.
     Celestial Cards are non-collectible cards which can be invoked. There are 22 Celestial Cards in total.
  • Nightfall: The card gets the bonus if this is not the first card the player plays in a round.
  • Spellshield: Negates the next enemy spell or skill that would affect the card.

The Daybreak and Nightfall keyword abilities have different effects depending on each card. The Invoke ability chooses a card from a unique pool of cards with the Celestial subtype. These cards are similar to the Treasure cards introduced in the Rising Tides expansion which were associated with the card- Shipwreck Hoarder.

The New Lab – Discover Targon

The new lab arrives with 6 premade decks introduced in the new expansion. Players can play with these 6 decks against other players even if they don’t have the new cards in their collection. This allows for the players to experience the majesty of Targon before their actual grind for the new cards begin.

Balance Changes

Some old cards are also getting some tweaks and quality of life changes. Fury of the North, one of the most played cards in the previous patch is getting a nerf alongside Trifarian Assessor getting a one cost increase.  Zaunite Urchin and Sump Dredgers getting a text change. Check our new Card Overviews for a full breakdown of the recent card changes.

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Written by Diptoman Saha

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