Is The Day Before the upcoming “The Last Of Us” for PC?

A lot of eyes and attention around the gaming community is focused on the upcoming video game called The Day Before. Most of the chit-chats about the game are less about the latest gameplay but more about its resemblance with the existing popular game titles. Although many of these comparisons might seem a little far-fetched while some of the similarities are uncanny.

The titles that are being compared to The Day Before are The Last of Us, The Division, and a sprinkled amount of DayZ. But before we get more in-depth about that, we need to know about the game in question first. 

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About The Day Before 

The Day Before‘ is an upcoming open-world MMO action survival game that is currently being developed by FNTASTIC. The game puts emphasis on a third-person perspective and is set in a post-apocalyptic America that got hit by a deadly virus. The people who survived the infection are now killing each other to make sense of their survival and those who got infected are marching every nook and corner with hunger in search of flesh

In The Day Before, players will be playing a character that woke up in such a world with no recollection of the past and with an aim of survival and restoration of humanity. 

Similarities to The Last of Us and The Division  

If you have seen the gameplay trailer for the game then you would have definitely recalled its resemblance to existing popular AAA titles. Among all, The Last of Us has the most to do with the game. We will break down some of the reasons that build a bridge between these games. 

The World and the Story 

The Day Before‘ features a post-apocalyptic America that has been destroyed by a deadly virus and mankind is on the brink of collapse. This carnage now is livid with infected walking around the ruins for blood and flesh and the remaining survivors fighting off them and each other to get higher ground. 

This is where The Last of Us series and The Division’s worlds collide the most in similarities and setting place in a post-apocalyptic America just seals the ground. And it’s not just it, the gameplay features a surrounding world that clearly resembles the visuals of The Division and the essence of The Last Of Us


Survival is one of the most important aspects of the game where the basics like food, gears, and weapons are necessary. The search for resources is scattered around the world and a thorough search will offer a few of them as loots are not abundant in numbers. Again, one of The Last Of Us’ resemblance of scattered and low quantity loot can be seen.  

This loot can be used for self-needs or can be traded with other players for something in return. 

Multiplayer PvP and PvE 

Though the latest The Last of Us 2 was heavily focussed on a Single-player campaign, the resemblance of The Division and DayZ adjoins here. The Day Before has both PvP and PvE features in their game where they will be facing off the infected hordes in PvE and other online players in PvP combat

Also like DayZ, the huge map in the game will have a safe zone where online players can gather around each other and trade off their loot for an exchange. But one thing is to be remembered, not all players are friendly in the world of TDB so never let your guard down. 


The Combat and looting in the game share a lot in common with The Last of Us and The Division, with realistic gunplay mechanics and player physics. The game also features an impactful world that undergoes changes affecting the player. There are three levels above the player HP bar that indicates temperature, hydration, and hunger. Maintaining these three is a key part of the entire survival in this multiplayer world searching for resources, PvE, and PvP an unavoidable situation. 

Our Thoughts 

The Day Before thus has so much in common with the three games with TLOU being the most. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing as bringing something great to the gaming world by referencing the masterpieces is nothing to be tilted about. Even though we all know that The Day Before hasn’t shown anything unique or game-changing in its trailer, we can’t be certain that it won’t. The world in the trailer looks very beautiful but the trailer often disappoints with the post-release versions.  

Also, there are a lot of things that need to be polished, like differentiating different types of infected, more smooth interactions and animations, a better inventory and looting system, etc. The game is still in the making so we do have our hopes high.  

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Written by Diptoman Saha

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