How to Tame and Ride a Horse in Minecraft

Are you wondering how you can ride a horse in Minecraft? Then you are at the correct place. To know more about horses in the game and how you can tame and ride them, read down below!

Wildlife is one of the key elements in Minecraft. It is not there to just add essence to the environment but they have their own purposes. Animals in Minecraft, just like in real life, helps in many ways for human survival. Different animals have different uses in the game and thus people often tend to grow farms around their main base for optimal productivity.

One of such animals in the game is a horse. Horses in Minecraft serve one of the most vital purposes. And it is not to provide meat or to follow you around like a pet and protect you from dangerous mobs. The important role of Horses in the game is as a mode of transportation. The map of Minecraft is actually pretty massive and if you are out on exploration via foot, it will take a lot of time to move around and will put you in harm’s way. Even when your sprint, which is monetarily and consumes a lot of stamina, is not a very convenient option.

So the only way to quickly travel across biomes and run past mobs at night with speed and agility, you have to ride a horse in Minecraft.

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How to ride a horse in Minecraft?

Ride a Horse in Minecraft, ride a horse
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Well, there are a lot of horses scattered around the overworld. They are commonly found on most of the biomes in the game, especially the plains biome. They have different colour variations but that doesn’t affect their abilities. Horses in the game might look different but share similar statistics.

Now on the question of how to ride a horse in Minecraft, you will definitely need to tame one first.

Why is taming a horse necessary in Minecraft?

Ride a Horse in Minecraft, taming a horse
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You can put a saddle on any horse you like and ride it but as soon as you dismount it, it will roam away, sooner or later. But if you tame one first and then use it as your travelling buddy, it will stay put in one place and will not steer away further.

To tame a horse, you will need to find one first, which shouldn’t be a hard job. After you have found one, go near it and right-click to mount it. The horse will start to move and will eventually knock you off its back. This is common for them to do and you will be needing to repeat this process a few more items until some heart icons pop up on its head. After that, it will not knock you off its back anymore.

Now that you have tamed a horse and can ride it without being knocked off, you still won’t be able to steer it as you want. To do so, you will need a saddle.

How to find a saddle in Minecraft?

After you have tamed a horse, you can feed it carrots and other things. But you will still need a saddle to ride it. There are a few ways to find a saddle in Minecraft, but here are the three most effective ones;

  • Trading with Pillagers
  • Opening Chests
  • Fishing

Even out of these three options, the last one is the more accessible one. As traders don’t always have the stuff you want on them and finding chests with a saddle in it is again a job that depended on luck.

But fishing for a saddle is a much more promising option. All you need to do is craft a fishing rod and go fishing on deep water bodies. You will get a lot of fish while doing this process. Now, fishing a saddle out from the water has a very slim chance but if you do it enough times, you will eventually get it.

How to use the saddle?

Ride a Horse in Minecraft, use the saddle
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Now that you have a saddle from any of the three processes mentioned above, you need to place it in your inventory. Now go to your tamed horse and right-click on it. After that, you should be mounted on its back. Now, while sitting on its back, open your inventory and you will see two-slot options on your left where you can put a horse armour and saddle. Place your saddle from the inventory to the horse’s saddle slot and you will be good to go.

Now you can ride a horse in Minecraft and steer it according to your liking.

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This concludes today’s article on how to ride a horse in Minecraft. We hope that this guide will be able to help beginners in the game get some guidance on how to ride a horse. Be sure to follow us at for more Gaming, Anime and Hardware related articles.

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