How to permanently get the Flying Broom in Dying Light 2!

Thinking about ways to get and keep the Flying Broom in Dying Light 2 forever? Well, you might just be at the right place. Even though the Flying Broom in Dying Light 2 is not meant to be an item you can use wherever you want but there’s a trick you can use to change this fact. Carefully go through the article and follow these steps to know-how!

Is there really a Flying Broom in Dying Light 2?

The answer to this question is yes. Dying Light 2 is a game about a world infected by zombies and enemies all around. But apart from the main storyline of the game, there are quite a few side quests that take this whole concept and give a doubled-down fictional spin to it. Just like the bizarre yet interesting Space cock mission, there is another one called the “Baba Yaga” Challenge. The Flying Broom in Dying Light 2 is a special item, intended to be only used in this challenge, more likely as a cool easter egg. However, players have found a way to keep this cool, straight from the Harry Potter series, flying broomstick for the rest of the game. And here’s how you can do it!

How can you get the Flying Broom in Dying Light 2?

Flying Broom in Dying Light 2
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Before you start looking for the Flying Broom in Dying Light 2, you must complete the main storyline mission called “Broadcast”. It is necessary to finish it because only then you will be able to use the elevator to reach the rooftop of the VNC Tower.

Where can you find the Flying Broom in Dying Light 2!

The VNC Tower is the tallest building in the game and reaching its peak is near to impossible without the elevator. It is located at the centre of the Garrison District and is quite easy to recognize. So, after completing the “Broadcast” story quest from the main storyline of the game, you need to head into the elevator and reach the rooftop of the VNC Tower. This location is also important as it is a key POI to unlock the developer room and find the Korek Charm, which is a special item used to repair weapons innumerable times.

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Once your reach the top, head towards the eastern side ledge of the building. Look towards the edge and you will find a yellow crane hanging a bit below. Players need to reach there and for that, they can use their paragliding skills. After gliding your way on the top of the Yellow crane, players need to find a blue-colored, glowing Mushroom. It should be right at the centre of the crane. Pick it up and consume it and while you do it, the mushroom will slowly grow in numbers. Just keep consuming them until the “Baba Yaga” Parkour Challenge option flashes on your screen.

Start it to be placed with the Flying Broom, which you need to equip and fly around, all whilst tabbing into the 19 checkpoints, required to finish this challenge.

Trick to keep the Flying Broom in Dying Light 2 forever!

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Finishing the challenge normally won’t give you the Flying Broom to keep. As it is only intended for use during this challenge. But there’s an easy trick through which you can have the broomstick to yourself.


  • Start the Baba Yaga Parkour Challenge
  • Equip the Flying Broom and start flying around for a bit, hit a couple of checkpoints while you are at it.
  • While you are still in the air, press the “Escape” button and Quit the game. (Do not quit to the Game’s Homescreen)
  • Now, relaunch the game and jump into your saved game.
  • The Game will place you back to the last saved checkpoint and you should have the Flying Broom in your inventory.

Now you can use this item whenever and wherever you want, all around Villedor.

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