How to make Coloured concrete in Minecraft?

Making coloured concrete in Minecraft is easier than you think. Minecraft is one of the most popular survival sandboxes out there. It has millions of concurrent players every month. One of the main reasons behind the game’s success is that it fuels the creativity of the players by giving them numerous materials, items and other things. The game doesn’t only features bosses to fight against, but also different biomes, animals, materials, weapons, tools, mechanics, etc.

Some people like the farming aspect of the game, whereas some prefer mining and exploration. However, many players can settle on the fact that Minecraft offers one of the most fluid and flexible buildings in gaming. You can quite literally build all of the real-life wonders of the world in the game, and more. Today, we will be talking about one of such important building materials offered in Minecraft, called Concrete.

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Where to find Concrete in Minecraft?

Coloured concrete in Minecraft
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Concrete is one of the sturdiest blocks that you can use in the game as a building material. It is strong and comes in 16 different colours to choose from. You can use them to fill any of your creative building canvas with ease. But the thing is that you won’t find this material naturally forming in the game.

Just like in real life, players will have to craft coloured concrete by mixing different base materials. This is, in our opinion, a much more convenient method in order to get a huge amount of Coloured Concrete from one place. If you don’t know how to craft coloured concrete in Minecraft, let us tell you.

How to craft coloured Concrete in the game?

craft coloured Concrete
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As we mentioned earlier, concrete doesn’t naturally spawn in the game. Players will have to craft it from scratch to get it. The entire process is rather simple and the source material required to do so is easy to gather as well.

The materials required for the process are;

  • Dye [1]
  • Block of Gravel [4]
  • Block of Sand [4]

The colour of the dye you use plays an important role in creating coloured concrete. So, use them as per your preference and needs. As for the sand and gravel blocks, they are the core materials required to create concrete in the game.

The Process

Process of crafting coloured Concrete
Source – The Nerd Stash

Once you have collected all the base materials for this process, you need to go place a crafting table on the floor. Then, right-click on the crafting table to open up the 3×3 crafting menu. Now, place the dye in the first slot of the available nine, which we will be calling the 1st slot. Following it, place four blocks of sand in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th slots. Then, place the 4 blocks of gravel in the remaining slots, i.e. the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th slots.

After doing so, this will produce 8 blocks of coloured Concrete powder. Now, you have reached halfway through the entire process.

How to transform Concrete powder into Solid Concrete Block?

Each unit of this coloured concrete powder will produce a single solid block of coloured concrete. To do so, you will need to mix the powder with water. Now, you can’t place the powder on the floor and pour a bucket of water on it. To transform it into solid concrete, you will need to find a water body nearby. Now, mine the topsoil on the edge in a way that the water floats over the block. Now place your concrete powder over the water, which will solidify it and produce coloured concrete. Now mine them using a pickaxe and use the gained blocks in your building.

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With this, we can conclude today’s guide on creating coloured concrete in the game. Be sure to follow us at for more Gaming, Anime and Hardware related articles.

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