How to make a lead in Minecraft 1.18

In this game, you can make your own King’s castle or have as many pets as you like. The vast open-world of the game features a lot of items and Lead in Minecraft is one of them.

The world of Minecraft is a place with tons of possibilities. A place where most of your simulation imagination comes true. In this game, you can make your own King’s castle or have as many pets as you like. The vast open-world of the game features a lot of items and Lead in Minecraft is one of them. It is a necessary item in the game that you will be needing in order to manage animals and pets. Here’s everything you need to know and learn about Lead in Minecraft.

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What is a Lead in Minecraft?

Minecraft has a lot of animals roaming around in its huge open-world realm. These animals include birds, foxes, pigs, horses, rabbits, fishes, octopuses, and much more. Not every one of them can be domesticated as pets or even be tamed. But if you want to handle a large number of animals to start a farm, you will need some utility to manage them around. This is where the need for lead in Minecraft comes into action.

Lead in Minecraft
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A lead-in Minecraft is a certain kind of utility that works as a leash for pets and animals. Players can use it to transport animals from one place to another. Not every animal in the game is like dogs, that will follow you around through everything, thus the importance of the lead in the game is very significant.

How to acquire a Lead in Minecraft?

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There are a few ways through which players can acquire a lead in the game. Generally speaking, players can find it, purchase it, or just straight-up craft it.

Players can explore their game world like they usually do and can come across it. A lead can be commonly found from chests in the game. Players can also obtain one as dropped loot by defeating an in-game mob. Players can also find a lead for exchange from the pillager merchants with some emeralds. But to be honest, the probability of finding lead in chests or as dropped loot is very low if we compare the second option. So the best and the guaranteed way to get a lead in Minecraft is by crafting it yourself.

How to craft Lead in Minecraft?

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Crafting lead in Minecraft is a rather easy process. Though you can’t just straight out do it unless you have the materials ready. The process of crafting lead in the game is similar in both the Java and Bedrock editions of the game.

Players are required to have a crafting table prepared beforehand, through which they can craft a lead. The materials required are mentioned below;

  • Slime Ball (1)
  • String (4)

You can get strings as dropped loot from defeating spider mobs in the game. As for slime balls, players are required to defeat another in-game mob called a slime. They are randomly found in the game, especially underground while mining.

Open your Crafting table menu and place these items in a certain order to get the desired product. Place the slime ball at the centermost slot, i.e Slot 5. As for the strings, you need to place them at Slot 1, 2, 4, and 9. This will produce 2 leads in total. You can get multiple if you want by repeating this process.

How to use a Lead in Minecraft?

Place the Lead in your quick inventory slot. Equip it in your character’s hand and go near an animal, let’s say a horse. Press right-click on it and the lead will be attached to the horse. Now you can walk around with the animal and release it, press right-clicks again.

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