How to get White Terracotta in Minecraft?

Do you want to create colourful decorative structures in Minecraft, but are not sure which materials to use? We have just the guide for you on how to get White Terracotta in Minecraft and even more suggestions!

Minecraft is a popular survival, craft sandbox, with a huge open-world aspect. The game is popularly played all over the world and every day we see something insane taking place. The major aspects of the game are building, mining for materials and crafting. While many players usually prefer one to master. And if you are one of those who are looking to recreate real-life structures within the game, then we have a great tip for you.

The game offers tons of supplies, in terms of raw materials, items, crafting options, etc. Among these, the material that we prefer for colourful builds in the game is Terracotta. Especially the White Terracotta for transitioning into other colours.

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What is White Terracotta in Minecraft?

White Terracotta in Minecraft

The White Terracotta is one of the many blocks available in the game and is quite popular fr its dull, off-white colour. A must-have material in your wide range of building pallets. But finding this one can be a bit tricky, especially if you are playing survival mode. So how can you get White Terracotta in Minecraft without much of a hassle? Well, worry not, we have just the right method fr you.

How to Obtain White Terracotta in Minecraft?

There are two ways through which you can obtain White Terracotta in the game. The first method is by finding it while exploring the vast Minecraft terrain. For the specific location, you will have to visit the badlands, or mesa, biome in the game. However, when you have a project of that size, finding such a huge quantity of White Terracotta is purely based on your luck. This method is both time-consuming and doesn’t make a lot of sense. So, we prefer the second method for this one.

How to craft White Terracotta
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Even though White Terracotta forms naturally in the game, players can craft it themselves quite conveniently. Here’s everything you would need to craft White Terracotta in Minecraft.

How to craft White Terracotta in Minecraft?

The main ingredients that you will require for this crafting process are Regular Terracotta Blocks and White Dye. Other than that, you will need a crafting table for the actual crafting process.

You can easily find regular Terracotta in the badlands biome of the game. But for more convenience and large-quality input, you can craft them yourselves. For that, you will need a furnace, some coal and Clay blocks. Burn these Clay through the furnace to obtain regular Terracottas.

As for the White dye, you have easy access to bonemeal in the game. It works like a charm as a substitute for white dye.

Things Needed for Crafting White Terracotta:

  • A Furnace
  • A Crafting Table
  • 8 Blocks of Regular Terracotta
  • White Dye

Once you have the ingredients ready in your inventory, go near the Crafting table and open up the crafting menu. There, you will have 9 empty slots to put your raw materials into. First of all, place the White Dye at the very centre block of the crafting menu. Now place Regular Terracotta Blocks on the surrounding slots. You have to put a total of 8, with one in each empty slot. Now that you have placed everything properly, this will produce 8 units of White Terracotta as output.

Will this process work with any other coloured Dye?

Yes, the process remains the same to create other coloured Terracotta. You just have to use another coloured Dye in the centre for a different outcome. This way, you can have access to a lot of these materials and the colours you want, for your next big build.

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