Genshin Impact 2.4: How to get Divine Bridle

The long-awaited Genshin Impact 2.4 version update is finally out and live, and it has introduced tons of new stuff in the game. This obviously includes the two new characters in the game, Shenhe, and YunJin, you can find detailed information about their abilities in our previous articles.

And the new characters are not the only two massive additions that came in with the update. The new region of Enkanomiya, new weapons, artifacts, quests, bosses, etc, are some of the eye-catching elements. So among the many new quests, the Hyperion’s Dirge quest in the Newfoundland of Enkanomiya has interested many players.


Today, we will be discussing how you can get the Divine Bridle from the Hyperion’s Dirge quest in Enkanomiya. For a detailed guide, please refer to the article down below.

How to begin the Quest?

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The quest is called the Hyperion’s Dirge quest and you need to visit Aberaku to commence it. To find him, you need to follow a few steps. Aberaku has kept himself hidden within the Dainichi Mikoshi and at Evernight is where you can find him. During this time, a pair of torches will become visible on just about half of the steps of the temple. Use a Pyro character and light them up and with the light, you will easily find Aberaku inside.

Step 1: Narrow Inquiry

Once the quest has started, the first part of the quest series is called Narrow Inquiry, which you need to complete. Travel to the location called ‘The Narrows’ and you will easily find a rock at the center of the location. You would need the Key Sigils to unlock the seal and speak to Aberaku, who is in the center of the rock circle.

Step 2: Temple Inquiry

After the first step is done, it will task you with ‘Temple Inquiry.’ Visit the Evernight Temple and again look for a rock circle. It will be near the center of the entire island. Repeat the same process, that is, use your Key Sigils, unlock the seals, and speak to Aberaku.

Step 3: Serpent’s Heart Inquiry

Now for the third part, visit the island called The Serpent’s Heart. Then search for the big rock circle at the southern edge of the main island. Repeat the process of using your Key Sigils and unlocking each seal. Then proceed to speak with Aberaku, for the third time.

How to get Divine Bridle?

Divine Bridle
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After you have successfully chatted with Aberaku three times, that means, once the first three steps are completed, you will gain the opportunity to earn the Divine Bridle. The offerings you have received from the three temples are needed to be taken back to the first temple, where you have initially met Aberaku. Then proceed to place each of them at the topmost pedestal. Doing so will open up a portal, through which you can teleport to the top of Dainichi Mikoshi. This is where you will meet Aberaku for the final time, and after you have spoken with him, the entire questline will be completed and you will get the Divine Bridle as a reward.

One important thing to keep in mind is that all three times completing the steps, you will be greeted with enemy mobs. They will be hard to shake off so keep on your toes. After completing all the steps and talking with Aberaku for the final time, you will have the Divine Bridle at last.


This concludes our guide to get the Divine Bridle and to complete the Hyperion’s Dirge quest in Genshin Impact. For more Genshin Impact, Anime, and Esports-related articles, follow us at

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