How to get and use Powder Snow in Minecraft

Powder snow is a certain kind of block that can be found in the snowy regions of the game. The special ability that this block offers some of the great defenses you could manage to make in the game

The popular survival craft game, Minecraft is known for its wide selection of materials and items available in the game. Various things can be found in the game, ranging from weapons, armors, food, animals, biomes, utilities, minerals, and a lot more. Everything in the game has its own value and most of them will usually come in handy during your survival.

The game is composed of signature blocks type formation with each block representing certain aspects from the real world. There are blocks of Sand, Dirt, Podzol, Iron, etc. that make the game what it is. Similarly, a special kind of block has been in the inventory of many players, especially for its use cases. Yes, we are talking about the Powder Snow in Minecraft. To know more about it in detail and how you can obtain it, read the article down below.

What is Powder Snow in Minecraft?

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As we have mentioned earlier, powder snow is a certain kind of block that can be found in the snowy regions of the game. The special ability that this block offers some of the great defenses you could manage to make in the game. The powder snow block has a ‘freezing’ effect which is inflicted on enemy mobs or players upon coming in contact. This slows down their movement drastically and deals a considerable amount of damage after some time.

How to obtain Powder Snow in Minecraft?

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This kind of defense trap will definitely come in handy around your main home base. Players are already using it to its full potential and keeping potential threats away as far as possible. There are a few ways through which you can acquire Powder Snow in Minecraft, but before anything, you need to locate it first.

Where to find Powder Snow in Minecraft?

Powder Snow can be found in the two new biomes that were introduced to the game in the recent “Caves & Cliffs update: Part II” in Minecraft. The two new biomes are called the Groves and the Snowy Slopes. These two regions spawn a considerable amount of powder snow, naturally.

How to acquire Powder Snow?

After visiting these biomes, one would think that the job is mostly done, but that’s not it. There are still some steps that players need to follow. You may have found a place with powder snow in the game but you won’t be able to get it into your inventory by means of mining. Your mining gear, including your diamond pickaxe, will fail you here. The few ways you can actually acquire it in the game are through the method of collecting it when it falls.

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If you find the area where powder snow is on the ground, you can use the good ol’ bucket and scoop it from the ground. This concept is similar to collecting water from any waterbody, easy and hassle-free.
However, this limits the collection amount to the bare minimum. There is another way by which you can collect powder snow in massive amounts, without much of a hassle. You can place a vessel that can collect a lot of powder snow while it falls naturally on the ground. For such a task, a Cauldron comes in handy. It is a big vessel-type container that holds powder snow when it falls and you can place a bunch of them on the ground to get the most out of it. After they are filled, you can always use an empty bucket to scoop whatever amount of powder snow when needed.

How to use Powder Snow?

You can place powder snow on the ground after collection, creating a snow trap. Whenever a player or a mob comes in close contact with this, they will be infected with the’ freezing’ effect. This will slow their movement and if they are standing on it for more than 7 seconds, then their HP will be turned into blue hearts along with half an HP damage every 2 seconds.

How to avoid the Freezing Effect yourself?

Even if you have put the Powdered snow yourself, it doesn’t mean you will not get the same damage when you are on it. To avoid powder snow damage, you can wear leather armor, this will protect you from the freezing effect. Also, it is to be noted that fire-style mobs are prone to major damage by Powder snow, whereas snow-type mobs are immune to the freezing effect.

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