How to find Glow Berries in Minecraft [2022]

If you are looking for a guide explaining how you can find glow berries in Minecraft, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will talk about glow berries in Minecraft and how players can acquire them in the game.

Minecraft is among the most popular games in the world ever, and that is still being played by thousands of players worldwide, every month. The game offers lots of things to find, build and use in its world, which makes it more fun to play than other survival, sandbox titles. It puts in new twists every day, with something to do or find every time. One of the many things that are available in the game is the glow berries in Minecraft. We will discuss how you can find it down below.

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About Glow Berries in Minecraft

The glow berries in Minecraft are a special variety of plants that are very useful in the game realm. Glow berries are generally used for crafting in-game items, especially various types of potions and food items. The hardest part of these is finding them in the vast realm of the game. But worry not, we got you a complete guide that will help you acquire glow berries in Minecraft with ease.

How to acquire glow berries in Minecraft?

There are two main sources through which you can acquire glow berries in Minecraft. The first process is finding them on the map and the second process requires farming. Let us explain both these processes own below for more clarification.

Where to find glow berries in Minecraft?

Glow Berries in Minecraft
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The glow berries plants in the game are available only in the Overworld of the game. The best area to look for these is within

the mineshaft regions of the game. This kind of area posses minimal lighting and players can easily notice glow berries here as they tend to grow in areas with shallow light. Another way players can find glow berries in the game is through the mineshaft chest that can be found in the Overworld.

The thing to notice about this mineshaft area of the overworld is that due to its deprivation of light, it attracts a lot of in-game mobs in its vicinity. This region is one of the most difficult ones in the game’s entire Overworld realm. Make sure to be prepared with weapons and torch light so you don’t lose your life for glow berries in Minecraft.

Another low light area of the game’s overworld that houses exclusive kinds of plants is the Lush Caves in Minecraft. Finding Lush Caves is the hard part and once you reach it, it will offer you a lot of items that are not generally found in the normal regions of the game. If you come across a Lush Cave, generally found under the surface, reach there and look for glow berries that grow on the walls or the ceiling area.

How to farm glow berries in Minecraft?

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Players can farm glow berries in Minecraft with a simple method. The first requirement if of an area that can be accessed easily and has lower light reach. Cave vines are a good place for this type of job. Players will need to find glow berries first and after combining them with bonemeal with the vine on the cave ceiling. In order to grow them, players will have to make use of the bottom side of the block, which generally means the ceiling blocks. There’s quite the chance that using bonemeal on the planted glow berries will spawn more, once it grows down. This sums up today’s guide on glow berries in Minecraft, be sure to follow us at for more gaming, anime, and hardware-related articles.

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