How to craft Smooth Stone in Minecraft and what is its use?

Looking for a guide about Smooth Stone in Minecraft? Then you are in the right place. We will talk about the importance of Smooth Stone in Minecraft and how you can craft it in the game.

Minecraft is a popular survival, adventure sandbox played by thousands of players and has a huge community around it. The game allows players to use their own creativity and utilize the game’s mechanics to build their own world. How they will confront the different challenges that are present in the world are also up to the players. The game features a vast map, with many biomes, animals, foes, and materials to choose from.

The variety of things offered in the game is a vital part that defines the game as it is. You can do many things in the game, a few of the popular choices of action for players in the game are mining, farming, and building. The building aspect of the game gives extreme freedom to the players, so they can build whatever their imaginations lead them to. This is where the role of Smooth Stone in Minecraft comes in.

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What is Smooth Stone in Minecraft?

Smooth Stone in Minecraft
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Minecraft offers tons of materials to select from when building. In the starting, players generally use dirt blocks or cobblestone blocks to build their base ad structures. But as the game progress, the learning curve kicks in, and players find many varieties of building materials to be used for their base. One of these materials is the Smooth Stone in Minecraft.

What is the use of Smooth Stone in Minecraft?

It is obtained from cobblestone blocks but looks way different from it. Many players prefer the smooth stone for their builds just for its aesthetically pleasing look. The smooth stone, as the name indicates, has smooth surface textures, that give a subtle and calming look to the build. Other than its visual advantage, the Smooth Stone in Minecraft has another important feature to offer to the players. It is the protection they offer from explosions. It often happens that some lurking creepers explode near your base and ruin it. It creates an opening that can be exploited by enemies. But using smooth stone, one can worry less as it is resistant to explosions. This means, your base should hold up quite well against random breaches.

How to obtain Smooth Stone in Minecraft?

Smooth stone doesn’t spawn in the game naturally. So, players can’t find it while exploring around the world. The only way to obtain Smooth Stone in the game is by crafting it. The process is very easy and is done in two main steps. The materials required for this are easy to find and gather in large quantities.

Smooth Stone in Minecraft, obtain Smooth Stone in Minecraft
Source – PCGamesN

The process of crafting Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Step 1

Gather Materials

Players must gather the required materials needed to craft smooth stones beforehand to make it easier. The things they will require are:

  • Cobblestone Blocks
  • Coal
  • Crafting Table

Cobblestones are easy to find and are located all over the game. As for coal, players can gather it from mining the coal blocks underground. Make sure you have a crafting table available for the first part of the process.

Step 2

Go near the crafting table and press right-click on it. The crafting menu will open up. There, carefully place the cobblestone blocks in all the empty slots except for the center one. In other words, place cobblestone blocks in the empty slot numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9, each. When placing is done, it should produce a furnace, which is a tool you will need.

Step 3

Now take the furnace from your inventory and place it on the floor. Now go near it and press right-click on it. This will open up the smelting menu with three empty slots on the top. On the left two slots, place cobblestone blocks on the top input slot and place coal on the second input slot. After placing them, the smelting process will initiate and produce stone blocks in the output slot. Each cobblestone block will produce a single unit of stone block.

Step 4

Now, these stone blocks are not the ones you are looking for. They don’t have a smooth surface but they are required in order to produce smooth stones in Minecraft. Now open the furnace menu again, place the stone blocks on the top input slot, and fuel the process by placing coal in the bottom input slot. After the smelting process is done, it will produce smooth stone in the output slot of the furnace menu. Each stone block will produce a single unit of smooth stone in Minecraft.

Now, you can repeat the process to obtain smooth stones from cobblestone in the game. It is recommended that players obtain as many cobblestones as they can, to begin with, and prepare multiple furnaces, preferably at least 6. Then they can smelt cobblestone in 3 of them simultaneously to produce stone blocks. And smelt stone blocks to obtain smooth stone in the other 3 furnaces. You can put up to 64 units in both input slots and the process will take some time to complete. With this, you can have all the smooth stones you want for your builds and store them down for future purposes.

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