How to catch Bees in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that reflects as much as it can on the real world and implements tons of elements to enhance the survival and adventure experience of the players. As you already know, the vast open world of Minecraft is filled with many types of dangerous and friendly mobs, plants, animals, materials, items, weapons, and much more. You can start your survival journey and select the daily task you really love to do.

As for tasks, there are multiple to choose from. You can go mining for materials, exploring the terrain, go on a hunt for special grade items in the Nether, indulged in fishing, or spend hours on Farming and increasing its productivity. This is where the importance of bees in Minecraft comes in.

Bees in Minecraft

Bees in Minecraft
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Minecraft features tons of wildlife that makes the game much more interesting than other adventure, survival, sandbox. There are different types of animals and insects in the game as a kind of mobs, which come into use for various reasons. You can either keep them as a pet, make a farm, or have other use cases for them.

As for bees, they are the most adorable mob in the game. This cute-looking mob is not a hostile one, but if you hurt them or they feel threatened by you, they will attack you no matter what. They fly around the Minecraft world and can be easily found.

The main purpose of Bees in Minecraft

Just like in real life, Bees help in the process of pollination in the game. This enhances the growth of crops which is a very productive element in Farming in Minecraft. Just like players can use bone meal as fertilizer for crops when bees pollinate the crops like carrots, potatoes, melon stems, pumpkin stems, berry bushes, wheat, and cave vines, they have advanced in their growth stage. So if you are farming on a wide scale, you would love to have a few bees flying around your farm, pollinating crops as they go.

Where can you find Bees in Minecraft?

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Bees are a very common type of mob, found on the overworld in Minecraft. Among all existing biomes in the game, they can be found in the Meadows, Sunflower Plains, Plains, Forests, Flower Forests, and Brich Forests biomes. Though the most chances of you coming across bees are in the Meadows biome itself. You can also get lucky in the Sunflower Plains and Plains biome.

When you reach, try to locate three main things. One is obviously looking for any bees flying around, the second is to look for beehives and the third would be looking for any flowers lying around.
Bees are very tiny mobs and they fly around the game map. Which makes them very hard to locate from afar. However, if they are near you, you will be able to easily locate them. Otherwise, look for beehives in the trees. Beehives can be found on Birch and Oak trees and they would have a couple of bees flying around, making it easier to catch your attention.

Bees are also commonly found around flower beds, so search around that location too.

How to catch bees in Minecraft?

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There are a few ways you can catch bees in Minecraft. but remember, that they are not hostile creatures so avoid hitting them. If they feel threatened, they will attack you, which will make the entire bee-catching process harder.

The first way to catch bees is our favorite one. It is very impractical and funny in terms of real-life comparison and that is what makes it top our list. You can use a lead to catch bees. Yes, the leads that are used in the game to catch horses, cows, dogs, and other wild animals, can also be used to catch bees. Equip a lead, left-click on a bee near you and it will be attached to the rope. Now you can move around with your bee friend and transport in near your farm.

The second process is also an easy one but should be used for close proximity usage. Equip a flower and aim it towards the bees and they will follow you. You can right-click it on them to pet them.
The final way to catch bees would be by using a pickaxe that has the Silk Touch Enhancement enabled. Through this, you can mine the beehive and carry it along with you and place it on a tree near your farm. If you use any other type of pickaxe, it will harm the beehive and make the bees angry towards you.

With this, we can conclude today’s guide regarding the usefulness of bees and how you can catch them in Minecraft.

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