Easy Guide to Octane in Apex Legends Mobile

If you want to learn more about the legend Octane in Apex Legends Mobile, then you are in the right place.

If you are new to the game, it might confuse you a bit. After being in its early access in ten different regions, the game is finally out and it has already attracted a huge number of players. It is something we have seen coming, as Apex Legends Mobile, even for a battle royale, provides a different and unique aspect to the game with an all-new approach. Weapons and map knowledge are not everything to win games. The other vital part of the game is its inclusion of different legends and their character-specific special abilities.

These affect every outcome of the game, even the compact ad momentary fights. There are a number of legends in the game, that you must get knowledge about to come ahead every time and become the champions. And for starters, you can master the legend Octane in Apex Legends Mobile.

About Octane in Apex Legends Mobile

Octane in Apex Legends Mobile, Abilities of Octane in Apex Legends Mobile
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As one of the OG legends game’s franchises, Octane in Apex Legends Mobile is a marvelous character. He is very fun to play with and has simple controls and abilities that barely take time to get a hold of. He is an upbeat character with a great personality and is very easy to learn, making it a favorite for many. To get started with Octane in Apex Legends Mobile, go through the guide on his abilities for a clearer idea.

Abilities of Octane in Apex Legends Mobile

Like other legends in the game, Octane in Apex Legends Mobile also possesses some great skills and abilities that are effective in battle. Let us look into his abilities before discussing when and who should play as Octane in Apex Legends Mobile.

  1. Swift Mend – (Passive Ability)

This is Octane’s passive ability that lets him heal his depleted HP bar with time. This goes in to compliment his tactical ability and is useful without it too. This allows players to concentrate less on gathering tons of medical supplies and stack up crucial storage space with shields and Pheonix kits.

2. Stim – (Tactical Ability)

This is fun to use, that has a very low cooldown timer. When players activate the stim, it awards Octane with a movement boost of 30% for a whole 6 seconds. It is really useful while running to the zone or when dodging a losing fight. The movement boost comes at a cost of 20 HP of the health bar of Octane in Apex Legends Mobile. But it is a great bargain if you’d ask us. Also, if you can use this ability when he is at just 20 HP point and it will not kill you with 1 HP to spare. All the lost HP will be slowly regained with time as a result of his passive ability.

3. LaunchPad – (Ultimate Ability)

This may not be the most effective ultimate in all of the game, but it does have its use cases. The ultimate ability of Octane in Apex Legends Mobile places a launchpad on the ground, which launches players high above in the air when they step on it. Players can use this to reach certain distances and heights that are normally out of bounds. When you mix the Stim ability and step on the launchpad with its 30% increased movement speed, it launches you farther and higher. It is also perfect to flank enemies, run away from foes, take the fight to new heights against legends like Valkyrie, and more.

Why and who should use Octane in Apex Legends Mobile?

Octane in Apex Legends Mobile, Why and who should use Octane in Apex Legends Mobile
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Octane in Apex Legends Mobile is such a legend that everyone can play without learning a lot about it. Octane is borderline fun to play a character in and is perfect for aggressive players. You can take up fights against single or multiple opponents and with his high movement speed, dodge oncoming assaults quite well. You can define Octane in Apex Legends Mobile as a “quick shoot, quick move” legend. His passive healing also makes him a viable option during fights in the game.

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