God of War PC vs PlayStation 5- Are there any noticeable differences?

God of War PC version looks on par with the PlayStation 5, there is hardly any difference in visuals if you are a casual gamer. But if you are looking more in-depth, the PC version sometimes looks more crisp and sharp than the console one.

The long-awaited release of the popular AAA title, God of War PC, is finally out and fans are enjoying it to the fullest. All the critics around the board are loving the game’s performance and there have been very little to no massive issues. But the question that arises for many PC players is whether the game is worth buying on PC. Let us answer your major queries through this article.

The God of War franchise has always been a Sony PlayStation exclusive, but the massive popularity of the game is not just limited within the console community. The developers are working on the latest title in the series, called God of War Ragnarok, but before that, they have invited the PC platform on the bus.

God of War (2018) has finally been released for PC so that the PC community could be a part of the family and enjoy it. But how different does the game perform on the new platform?


The primary preference for many gamers is how the game looks. The God of War PC version looks on par with the PlayStation 5, there is hardly any difference in visuals if you are a casual gamer.

But if you are looking more in-depth, the PC version sometimes looks more crisp and sharp than the console one. If you make a side-by-side comparison of both and zoom in on certain scenes, you will notice sharper visuals being offered by the PC version.

Also, full pixel-pumping 4k is now possible with God of War PC as it ditches the checkerboarded 4k performance of the God of War PS4 Pro and PS5 (backward-compatible) versions. Also, the AMD and Nvidia GPUs offer DLSS super sampling, along with AMD’s open-source Fidelity FX Super Resolution (FSR), exclusive to AMD GPUs. DLSS is available at 1280×720 resolution with Ultra Performance, whereas FSR is available at 1980×1080 resolution.

Apart from everything, we expected to see a graphical boost, which would have fixed certain muddy, low-res textures of the game. But that hasn’t been implemented in the PC version. The Depth of Field (DOP), in the PC version, sometimes looks noticeably different from the Console one. It’s like the approach has been set differently for God of War PC, which focuses on the subjects that need the most attention on the screen.

Graphic Preset

God of War PC
source – PC Gamer

The PC version of the game was obviously expected to offer more advanced graphical flexibility. God of War is a game that is just not about the combat or the story, it is equally resonated through its compelling graphics and settings. In the God of War PC version, the graphical presets to choose from are Ultra Performance, Balanced, Quality, and Ulta-Quality (available for FSR only). Of course, you will get the Custom preset option, where you can set the important changes, based on your PC’s hardware capability.


God Of War (2018) has performed remarkably on the originally released platform and on PlayStation 5 (with backward compatibility). For the PC version, the story is different. If you have the top-tier hardware, the game will run at 4k 60 FPs with no issue. But mid-range hardware will not be able to provide those high demands. We tested the game with an RTX 2060 and an entry-level GTX 1050 ti, we received 50-60 FPS at 2K and 50-60 FPS on 900p with the Quality Preset, respectively. You can achieve up to 120 FPS if you are willing to compromise with a little graphical nerf.


The God of War PC gameplay is as smooth and unhinged, as you would have imagined. The developers have done a great job in porting the game to the PC platform, where you will be able to enjoy the game with ‘no-compromise’ performance. The controls are also smooth during combat and don’t feel jacky. We still prefer that players should use a controller for the best experience but Mouse and Keyboard will also do justice.

Other than these, there haven’t been massive changes to the character models, storyline, or anything with the game. It is a perfect port and worth the price tag it comes with.

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This concludes the discussion between the God of War PC and the PS5 version. If you are interested in the game then it is a must purchase at this point. Follow us at for more Gaming, Anime and Esports related articles and news.

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