Fortnite C3 S1- Guide to the Final Week of Monarch Challenge

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is just about to end and so is the Monarch questline of this season. Before Season 2 begins, the developers of the game have introduced a cool quest called the Monarch Quest, where the players were tasked to find level-up tokens. These level-up tokens are blue in color and could only be found in areas that are mentioned in the specific week. To know more about this final week’s Monarch quest, please read the article down below.

About the Monarch Quest in Fortnite C3 S1

Fortnite C3 S1
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The Monarch quest is a unique challenge where players are tasked to find some blue level-up tokens each week. The location for this item changes each week and so is the reward. Players can collect all available tokens of that week in order to get some specific rewards that change with each week. The Monarch quest has been ongoing for about a month now and we are at the final week’s challenge.

For the first week’s rewards, players got the Butterfly Wings back bling. For the second week’s reward, players got the Monarch Shine. For the third week’s rewards, players got the golden style of the Butterfly Wings back bling. And for the final week’s Monarch quest, players get the opportunity to obtain the golden style Monarch outfit!

Where to find Level Up tokens for Final Week’s Monarch Quest?

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There are seven locations this week, where players are required to search for the level-up tokens. The final week’s Monarch quest level-up tokens can be found around these locations.

  • Tilted Towers- The level up token can be found near the Reboot Van in the location.
  • Southwards of Sanctuary- Head towards the two hills located at the Southside of the Sanctuary to find the level up token
  • Haven’s Oasis- At the west side of the Chonker’s Speedway, on an Oasis.
  • Shifty Shafts- At the north side on the top of a mountain, right next to a couple of chests.
  • Condo Canyon- At the top of a building, in between to Air Conditioning units.
  • Fisher’s Paradise- On the southwest side of Covert Canyon, on a small island.
  • The Ruins- East side of the Ruins, on top of a demolished building.

Where to find the Ruins in Fortnite C3 S1?

Out of the seven locations, finding the Ruins might be tricky out of them all. But it is not hard to find if you know the right place to look for it. First of all, reach the eastern edge of the Fortnite C3 S1 map and look for the location around the Daily Bugle. The Ruins can be recognized easily as it is like the name suggests, covered in moss and reaks of demolition.

The Ruins location is half-submerged underwater and the blue level up token can be found on top of one of the wreckage. It will be easier to access if you are using the spiderman web shooter mechanic, either way reaching it won’t be hard. You will also get a few chests on this location to loot from.

The Golden Monarch Outfit in Fortnite C3 S1

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On successfully collecting all of the blue levels up tokens from the seven locations, you can get this week’s reward, which is the Golden style Monarch Outfit. If you want to purchase the skin directly and not bother taking part in the challenge, you can do that. The golden style Monarch outfit will be available for purchase later down the season for 1,200 V-Bucks.


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