Enlisted- Update 1.06 explained! Current Updated Specifications & Many More

Enlisted was dropped earlier this year and since then, its buzz has dried off by quite a bit. With the open beta phase of the game still going, there are some drastic changes made for the betterment of the game. We will list some of the recent improvements that were made to the game and overall answer the question of whether it is still worth playing or not.

About Enlisted

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Enlisted is a free-to-play world war II-themed game, available for Windows PC, Xbox Series X / S, and PlayStation 4 & 5. The game features a massively multiplayer online squad-based, First-person shooter experience on a set of decently scaled maps. The game has been developed by Darkflow Software and published by Gaijin Entertainment. All in all, the gameplay featured in Enlisted is majorly based on some of the iconic battles from the era of World War II.

The game’s free-to-play and easy to run on low spec hardware made it quite the news during the time of its earlier public open beta tests. The game is still being played by a large fraction of players around the world, but there’s no denying that the initial peak has fallen off.

Recent Changes in the Game

The game has since received a set of major updates throughout the course of 7 months. Some have brought major changes to the game while others fixed many problems. The recent 1.06 update in Enlisted has introduced a major aspect to the game, i.e. Custom games with an increased number of AI bots and some other changes.

The update was cast earlier this month, 01/11/21, and is currently available for download across all supported platforms. Here are the Enlisted Update 1.06 Patch Notes explained;

  • The Experience Gain in Custom Matches has been Changed:
  • If there are no players present on the opposing team then the experience gain will be 20%.
  • If there is a player present in the opposing team then the experience gain will be 50%.
  • If there are two or more players present in the opposing team then the experience gained will be without any change.
  • This new mechanic works in test mode and can be changed or disabled upon requirement.
  • The inability to change the game mode of the custom game has been changed. Individuals can now change the game mode whilst creating custom games.
  • Time limit to Custom Games- A 60 minutes battle time limit has been added to custom games. At the end of this time, whichever team has the most points will win by default. In the case of Assault, Destruction, and Invasion game modes, the Victory will be awarded to the Defending team in case the Attackers fail to complete all their tasks before the time runs out.
  • A weird flickering glitch that could be seen in the game sessions list in Custom Matches, has been fixed.
  • Fixed the glitch where the placement of the ‘Hide Full’ text in the filters caused text to be cut off while selecting Custom Games.
  • The overlapping ‘Create Game’ and ‘Show Filters’ buttons in the game sessions have now been fixed.
  • Players can now spawn motorcycles in the ‘Invasion of Normandy’, ‘Battle of Berlin’ and the ‘Battle for Moscow’ campaigns in the custom games.
  • The name of the mission ‘Gorge’ in the Russian localization of custom games has been fixed.

These are the patch notes that explain the bug fixes and new additions to the game.

More AI Bots in Custom Games

Another important update in the game that came with update 1.06 is the increased number of AI bots in custom games. The maximum number of AI soldiers in Custom Matches has been increased up to 12 in squads. And in Lone Fighters, the AI Soldiers number pings at 20.

Current State and System Requirements

The game runs much smoother and is way responsive than it was 6 months ago. There are plenty of changes made to the settings and graphics menu too so try out what suits you the best. If you haven’t tried the game out yet and are thinking about whether or not it will run your PC, here are the system requirements to refer to.

Minimum System Requirements:

OS:Windows 7/ 8/ 10 [64bit]
Processor:Intel Core i3 or better
GPU:AMD Radeon 78XX series or better, Nvidia GeForce 660 or better
DirectX Version:DX 11 or higher
Free disk space:20GB

Recommended System Requirements:

OS:Windows 7/ 8/ 10 [64bit]
Processor:Intel Core i5 or better
RAM:8 GB or More
GPU:AMD Radeon series RX480 or better, Nvidia GeForce 1060 or better
DirectX Version:DX 11 or higher
Free disk space:20GB


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