Early Updates on Valheim’s Mistlands Biome by Developers

Valheim’s long-awaited Mistlands biome is in the works and we get to see some insights into the progress so far. The recent major update for the game came with the launch of the Hearth and Home update patch. This update focussed on the improvement of the basic stuff like the quality of life, additional food, and furniture, an Obliterator, etc.

These generally indicated that the game devs are ready to release the rest of the biomes in Valheim as there isn’t much to fix or change in the game as it is. It has been a month since and the game developers, Iron Gate AB has given us a sneak peek at the progress of one of the unreleased biomes in the game called Mistlands.

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Valheim and its Biomes

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Valheim is a Norse mythology-influenced survival craft sandbox where players play as fallen Vikings in the Viking purgatory and prove themselves worthy of Valhalla. The gameplay focuses on the action-adventure aspect with survival as a basic element. The game features a vast open-world with a number of biomes with six playable as of now, namely the Meadows, The Black Forest, The Swamp, The Mountains, The Plains, the Ocean.

The other three that are yet to be released are the Mistlands, AShlands, and the Deep North. Though unfinished, they can be found on the map with their subtle distinctive features.

Update on the Mistlands Biome

The game devs, Iron Gate AB have announced some of the things that are coming soon to the game and along with shared some concept art of the Mistlands biome. The developers have previously announced that adding this biome to the game is currently their priority so we can expect it to be seen in the game by early 2022 to late 2021 even.

The devs mentioned that people who follow Richard on Twitter have seen him experimenting with the textures and terrain of the Mistlands as that is going to be their big biome update. They have also shared some early concept art for the biome to give us a sense of what to expect. Keep in mind that these are not from the final product and may change in the future.

Some Official Concept Art

The biome has a mysterious theme to it. It is surrounded by long and dense trees, cobwebs, and a foggy atmosphere.

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