Dying Light 2: A Useful Healing Guide

Healing is an extremely important role in Dying Light 2. There are many ways you can heal yourself and progress further in the story. We are here to guide you through the process.

Dying Light 2 has become quite the chant in the gaming community and has become the sequel everybody had hoped for. The game was released a few weeks earlier and has already sold over a million copies, worldwide. The game is a perfect blend of exciting and innovative parkour mechanisms with the general post-apocalyptic, zombie survival adventure.

The game also has an interesting storyline-driven plot that extends the happenings, 15 years later from the first game. There are many similarities between the first and the second title, which is obvious, but the new additions are quite a lot. Fans of the series will feel right at home with the familiar concept and gameplay mechanics. However, among the few changes and new additions that were made, the basic healing meta in Dying Light 2 has received quite the makeover.


Healing in Dying Light 2 is more important than you think

Dying Light 2
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It is the basic principle in games such as this, as you will inevitably get attacked or receive damage in some way during your gameplay. As your HP bar depletes, you need to use some kind of healing agent to raise it back up.

It doesn’t go up on its own with time. And with the numerous infected and dangerous foes around you, you will need to heal yourself in the game, quite often. You can die and respawn, for sure but it will reset your ongoing challenge status and you will lose tons of XP during the process. So, not dying in Dying Light 2 is a much more preferable option.

How to Heal in Dying Light 2?

Just like the first game, you will be carrying a backpack as your on-road inventory. This is where you will be keeping all your stuff, including weapons, medkits, materials, and other things. Your baggage space is limited, thus you can’t carry everything all the time. So players should prioritize only the essentials. This is important because there are three ways you can heal your character in the game and you should choose the most convenient one of them all!

Healing Equipments

There are three ways you can heal your character in the game. They are through;

  1. Bandages
  2. Military Medkits
  3. Water Stations
  4. Camp Fires

Bandages are convenient to craft but are not perfect

This is the only healing material that you can craft in the game and use. To craft a bandage, you will need Honey and Chamomile. You can get access to this anywhere around the map, making them easier for players to use. However, they will not heal you fully so you will be needing to apply multiple ones. Each bandage takes nearly 4 seconds to apply, making them the least suitable option during low HP and multiple oncoming attacks.

Military Medkits

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This is the best option for healing your character in extreme pinch situations. They are not found in large quantities and you will get access to the game sometime later during your playthrough. But try stacking them up as they are the best alternative out of everything else. They only take a second to be applied. You can find yourself Military Medkits in the following locations thought the entire, map of Dying Light 2;

  • Normal Street Loot (But very rare)
  • Military Convoys
  • GRE Quarantine Buildings
  • Inhibitor Cases
  • Purchasable through Merchants

Water Stations and Campfire

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These are the other two methods in this category that don’t involve any ingredients to craft or loot places. These are two locations that you can visit to replenish your Health bar. Water Stations can be found on random rooftops throughout the game, just drink the water and your health will be restored.

As for campfires, you will find them if you visit the book-looking icons on your compass. Approach the campsite and sit down until your HP restores completely.

Both of these options are less useful under combat but restores your health without the use of any supplies and only take up a few seconds of your time!

Our Thoughts

You can also visit a safe zone and sleep through the night to get back your lost health to full. But we will prefer the Military Medkits and the Bandages to be your first and secondary healing choice in order to get through the troubles that Dying Light 2 brings you!


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