8 Best Abilities & Their Locations in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Vikings are known for their most aggressive and brutal fighting styles throughout history but there is one special Vikingr named Eivor, the main protagonist in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, who is somewhat different. This famous Viking warrior not only had extraordinary combat skills but also had some devastatingly powerful abilities identical to no one. Even Vikings had to make tough choices like we are about to do with the abilities skills set. There are a lot of abilities that Eivor possesses but unfortunately, players can only set 8 of them at a single time. But before that, they need to be found and claimed. Abilities, also known as Books of Knowledge can be found both in Norway and in England.

Not to worry, because we have brought up the 8 best abilities which players need to find out. We have also shared the locations for each, so let’s waste no more time and jump right into it. We are going to discuss 4 abilities from the Ranged section and 4 from the Melee section.

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1) Ranged Abilities

  • Incendiary Power Trap

Arrows when fired with this ability has a small pouch of volatile powder attached to them. Any nearby movement close to the arrow results in an explosion. This arrow causes very high damage to the enemies and it comes in handy in a very difficult situation as in when there is a wall to be breached which can only be cleared with an explosive and there are no explosive jars nearby. Players will consume one adrenaline bar to use this ability and this way they can save their time looking for explosive jars. This is a key feature in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

There is a second explosion when this ability is upgraded to level 2 and of course, the second Book of Knowledge will have to found to get it to level 2 status.

Level of AbilityLocations
1) Level 1Grantebridgescire (Near Walden)
2) Level 2Suthsexe (Near Briggworth)
  • Mark of Death

This ability is among the best. It allows Eivor to shoot multiple arrows at multiple targets at the same time. When outnumbered, nothing comes to the mind other than this ability. After upgrading it to level 2, it tags an even more number of targets. This is a very deadly ability and we recommend everyone to try it.

Level of AbilityLocations
1) Level 1Hordafylke (Near Alrekstad)
2) Level 2Grantebridgescire (Near Meldeburne)
  • Focus of the Nornir

This ability slows downtime and makes it easier for the players to kill multiple targets or hit their weak points. When your enemy is so fast that it is impossible to shoot them at their weak points then this ability comes to good use. But when upgraded to level 2, it keeps on increasing the damage dealt after killing each enemy respectively.

Level of AbilityLocations
1) Level 1Ledecestrescire (Near Offchurch)
2) Level 2Lincolnscire (Near Bolingbroc Castle)
  • Axe Blizzard

If you are playing a Viking game and not throwing axes then the entire Assassin’s Creed Valhalla would feel incomplete. This skill allows the players to throw an uncountable barrage of axes at enemies which deals huge damage. It becomes deadlier when the combo is finished as in when upgraded to level 2.

Level of AbilityLocations
1) Level 1East Anglia
2) Level 2Wincestre (Near Wincestre Garrison)

2) Melee Abilities

  • Poison Strike

The Poison Strike ability applies a poison concoction on the weapon that is equipped in the right hand and it also does additional damage when the enemies are hit by it. When upgraded to level 2, it creates a small poison cloud that lasts only for a while and poisons all the nearby enemies who come in contact with it.

Level of AbilityObjective
1) Level 1Bring 4 Order medallions to Hytham
2) Level 2Bring 9 Order medallions to Hytham
  • Rage of Helheim

This ability is an art of rage mode. When activated, Eivor rushes to his enemy, slams him on the ground, and throws a barrage of hits leaving the enemy helpless, unable to counter. This only stays active till the stamina gauge runs out. An upgrade to this ability results in even more hits than the basic one.

Level of AbilityLocations
1) Level 1Rygjafylke (Near Kjotve’s Fortress)
2) Level 2Jorvik (Near Archives)
  • Feign Death

This is the smartest ability we have shown you by now. This ability allows Eivor to fool his enemies by playing dead and lying on the ground. If it is upgraded to level 2, it triggers a surprise assassination while lying on the ground pretending to be dead.

Level of AbilityLocations
1) Level 1Oxenefordscire (Near Leah Villa Garrison)
2) Level 2Glowecestrescire (Near Aelfwood)
  • Harpoon Impalement

This ability helps in impaling an enemy with Eivor’s harpoon and throw them in any direction. If they get hit against rocks or walls or collide against another enemy then they will suffer massive damage.

Level of AbilityLocations
1) Level 1Ledecestrescire (Near Venonis)
2) Level 2Essexe (Near Sancta Helena’s Church)

So, these were our top picks from the massive ability list. If you think we have missed any of them, then make sure to comment down below. So make sure you try our picks and keep enjoying Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

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Written by Diptoman Saha

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