Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – How to get the Gae Bolg Mythical Spear

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla released its new DLC named Wraith of the Druids on May 13, 2021. This new DLC pack introduces players to Balor and a chance to get his Lance that is the legendary Gae Bolg spear. This mythical weapon is totally overpowered at this point in time. Before we dive into how to get this weapon, let’s know about its basics first.

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How Powerful is the Gae Bolg Spear?

The Mythical Gae Bolg spear deals lighting damage. It boasts an incredible 107 Attack Damage and 122 Stun. As a bonus, it also hits enemies with an additional lighting strike with three consecutive hits. This lighting deals both health and stun damage which makes it a perfect weapon against both weak enemies and boss fights. This weapon comes at the final appearance and with 7/10 upgrades. It can be upgraded at the blacksmith like any other mythical weapon. The base statistics alone show how overpowered this spear is. However, it is one of the hardest weapons to get a hold of in this game. Players have to kill all ten Children of Danu and defeat Balor in a boss fight in order to get the spear. Let’s go over the locations of the Children of Danu.

All Locations of Children Of Danu:

It is recommended that the first 5 of the following list have to be killed in chronological order as they are part of the main story. The last 5 can be killed randomly as they are not a part of the main story.

The Wren (Nimah, the poet)Town Rathcroghan in the middle of the Connacht region. She’s a small woman walking in the market.
The Cursed (Sétnae, Druid of the Mists) Proceed further in the Main Story.
The Deer (Ruaidrí, he of the Ports)The map area is known as Inch Lough Neagh in the eastern part of the Ulster region. He’s standing in a camp with a lot of enemies.
The Seed (Bécc Mac Nath-í, he of the Oceans)The map area is known as Dunseverick Fortress in the northeast part of the Ulster region by the sea. He’s inside the Fortress area.
The Oak (Oegan Mac Cartaigh) Proceed further in the Main Story.
The Spider (Aideen, Merchant of Dublin)Town Dublin. She’s 75 meters west from the viewpoint of Dublin.
The Ash (Cummascach)The map area is known as Kesh Corann in the northwest of Connacht. He’s underground in a cave. The cave entrance is 75 meters east of Ash’s icon on the map.
The Whisper (Leasleach, Madwoman of the Bogs)Middle of Meath region. She’s a druid wandering around the bogs.
The Blaze (Conlae, he of the Flames)Between Clogher and Black Pig’s Dyke. He’s wandering near some ruined houses.
The Mist (Trian, he of the Stone Circles)Northwest part of Ulster. He’s on a small island called Doon Fort.

Now that you have killed all ten Children of Danu, a mission named Amber Sun will begin. Finally, it’s time to face Balor. Each kill will give you a piece of Bloody Amber. After you gathered all the ten ambers, you need to head to the druid named Deirdre. You will find her in the Connacht region, in the map area known as Asfinn, east of Rathcrogahn. In return for the ambers, she will make you a special potion. This special potion will take you to the arena where you will fight the mystical creature Balor, level 370. The fight is surely hard and requires you to be at a significantly high level. Once you’re done defeating Balor, you will be sent back to Ireland. Upon return, you will receive the mythical lightning spear Gae Bolg.

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Let us know in the comments below, how are you linking this new Wraith of the Druid DLC so far and if you want to add or remove something from the game in the state it is right now, then what would that be. For now, we can only hope that they keep adding awesome things to explore in the game. Keep following

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Written by Diptoman Saha

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