Apex Legends Mobile – Bloodhound Abilities Guide [2022]

If you want to know more about the abilities of Bloodhound in Apex Legends Mobile, then you are at the right place!

Since Apex Legends Mobile had released worldwide, it has gained enormous popularity and a fast-growing player base. The game has covered the popular battle royale genre of mobile gaming with its own flavour. The uniqueness of Apex Legends Mobile is the reason it is still among the most popular battle royale games of all time, with its PC and Console version.

Now we have talked about this earlier, that acquiring top tier weapons and having map knowledge is not the only thing required to be the champion in Apex Legends Mobile. Another vital aspect of the game is understanding the different legends available and properly utilizing them. One of the currently available legends in the roaster is Bloodhound in Apex Legends Mobile. We have previously covered the character and ability guides for Lifeline and Octane, so here is the full character and abilities guide of Bloodhound in Apex Legends Mobile.

About the legend Bloodhound in Apex Legends Mobile

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The legendary hunter, as addressed in the game, Bloodhound in Apex Legends Mobile is a perfect character. His personality, backstory, abilities, character design, and everything else are all well very thought of. Bloodhound in Apex Legends Mobile is a cold-blooded hunter, whose job is to hunt other legends. He is a great tracker and an amazing legend to play aggressively.

Explaining the Abilities of Bloodhound in Apex Legends Mobile

Bloodhound in Apex Legends Mobile possesses three abilities, including his passive, tactical and ultimate. His passive ability is called Tracker, his tactical is Eye of the Allfather and his ultimate is Beast of the Hunt. Let us see all these in detail;


As his passive ability, Bloodhound in Apex Legends Mobile possesses a ‘Tracker’. As the name suggests, it allows him to track enemy players and threats that are nearby. It doesn’t require any manual application and works on its own, passively. It has no cooldown and it provides great intel for the team. This tracker ability allows Bloodhound to visualize the footprints of the enemy around him. He can see cold footprints up to 90 seconds old, which is extremely useful.


The ‘Eye of the Allfather’ is the tactical ability of Bloodhound in Apex Legends Mobile. When this is activated, the legend releases a ray or scan of around 75 metres ranges around him. If any players are within this range, they get detected and their location is revealed for a few seconds. This tactical ability has the capability of detecting up to 10 enemies within its range. It is a very useful and effec8ive ability, hence its 25-sec cooldown seems fair enough. Also, the revelation of enemy location can be seen by his teammates, through the wall, and it can detect enemies within Bangalore’s smoke too, a perfect counter!


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The ultimate ability of Bloodhound in Apex Legends Mobile is called ‘Beast of the Hunt’ and as the name suggests, it perfectly resonates with his character of a legend hunter. When this ability is activated, Bloodhound enters the hunter mode, which gives him some sense boost for a specific time limit. When Bloodhound in Apex Legends Mobile is within his ultimate mode, he can perceive enemy footprints all around him, even the dead cold ones. Along with this increased tracking sense, the movement speed of Bloodhound increases by up to 30%. This ultimate mode of his stays on for 30 seconds and it adds 5 seconds to its clock with every knock the player gets within this mode. It allows up to 3 knocks, stacking 15 more seconds in total to the ultimate countdown.

More about Bloodhound in Apex Legends Mobile

All in all, Bloodhound in Apex Legends Mobile is a versatile agent that players can easily get started with. He provides support for his team all the time with his incredible tracking ability and he can enter his high profile hunting mode and get kills in a blink too. As a support plus attack character, Bloodhound in Apex Legends Mobile is one of our favourite legends to play within the battle royale.

Perfect Party of Legends with Bloodhound in Apex Legends Mobile

There are a lot of legends in the game and even more to come. So it will be too early to discuss the possible best party of legends for Bloodhound in the game. But as of the current state of the game, we would suggest pairing Bloodhound with Bangalore and Gibraltar.

You can pair Bloodhound’s enemy revelation with Bangalore’s smoke to see enemies through and spray them down, without them seeing you. A very deadly combo when used right in the game. Also, with proper information provided by Bloodhound, you can use Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder to call artillery strikes over enemies to lure them out. You can pair Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection to protect your party from getting attacked and use his ultimate called Defensive Bombardment to call in a heavy mortar strike to flush out enemies.

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This concludes our article about our Bloodhound’s abilities guide. We will be explaining everything about the other legends in the game soon. So, be sure to follow us at for more Gaming, Anime and Hardware related articles.

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