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The eighth major installments in the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil Village introduces us to the Duke. He’s a mysterious, morbidly obese character who helps the protagonist, Ethan Winters by supplying him with weapons, ammo, and upgrades in exchange for Lei which serves as this game’s currency.

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Here’s a detailed guide to all sellable items in the Duke’s Purse where you can get Lei from the Duke in exchange for certain things. We can categorize them into:

Treasures, Weapons, Ammo, Weapon Upgrades, and Others.


Crystal Skull : Some monsters drop crystallized remains of their skulls after they are killed. They are priced at 900 Lei.
Silver Ring :This silver ring can be found in the Hall of Pleasure. It is priced at 1800 Lei.
Crystal Fragment :There is nine crystal fragments available in the whole map. Two fragments in the village and the remaining seven in Castle Dimitrescu. They each can be sold for 2000 Lei.
Wooden Angel Statue:This angel statue carved from wood can be sold for 3000 Lei. It is Found in the hallway between the Dining Room and the Kitchen.
Crimson Glass :Located in the Bedchamber of Castle Dimitrescu, this blood-red wine glass can be sold for 5000 Lei.
Crystal Torso :Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters drop crystallized torsos after they die. They are priced at 5000 Lei.
Crimson Skull :Located in the merchant’s room, one has to finish the puzzle in order to get the crimson skull. It can be sold to the duke at 8000 Lei.


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Samurai Edge-AW Model-01 :Powered by bioweapon technology, this customizable handgun can be sold for 185 Lei.
Mine :Handmade mines can be sold for 300 Lei.
Pipe Bomb :Handmade pipe bombs can be sold for 300 Lei.
LEMI :The first gun you receive from an old during a cutscene, the LEMI handgun can be sold for 3150 Lei.
M1897 :Located on the northwest part of the East Old Town, this shotgun can be sold for 13000 Lei.
M1911 :An automatic pistol located in the workshop in the southeast part of the village can be sold for 25105 Lei.
W870 TAC :A pump shotgun located in the house on the south Garden. This shotgun can be sold for 34800 Lei.
M1851 Wolfsbane :This handgun uses magnum rounds to pack that extra punch. It can be sold for 63500 Lei.
V61 Custom :An automatic pistol located in the Duke’s Emporium can be sold for 92000 Lei.
SYG-12 :This customizable shotgun is located in the Duke’s Emporium and can be sold for 92000 Lei.
USM-AI :This mid-sized semi-automatic gun can be received when playing as Chris after defeating Heisenburg. We don’t know its selling price yet.


Rifle Ammo:Rifle ammo is priced at 7 Lei.
Handgun Ammo:Handgun ammo is priced at 15 Lei
Shotgun Ammo:Shotgun ammo is priced at 200 Lei.
Sniper Rifle Ammo:Sniper rifle ammo is priced at 200 Lei.
Flashbang:Flashbangs are priced at 250 Lei.
Explosive Rounds:Explosive rounds are priced at 250 Lei.
Magnum Ammo:Magnum ammo is priced at 700 Lei.

Weapon Upgrades

M1897 – Hair-Trigger :Increases rate of fire. Can be sold for 4000 Lei.
LEMI – High-Capacity Mag :Increases ammo capacity. Can be sold for 4500 Lei.
LEMI – Recoil Compensator :Increases firepower. Can be sold for 5000 Lei.
F2 Rifle – High Magnification Scope :Increases scope range. Can be sold for 7500 Lei.
F2 Rifle – Cheek Rest :Reduces weapon sway. Can be sold for 10000 Lei.


First Aid Med :A medicine that fully heals wounds. It is priced at 800 Lei.
Lockpick :A one-time use tool used for opening simple locks. It is priced at 1000 Lei.

This is all we know so far. Let us know your thoughts on the game so far and how you’re viewing this currency mechanism. If you have read this article and would like to know more about Resident Evil Village then click on the following topics – RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE – Gameplay, Characters, Demo, and More! & Resident Evil Village: Collector’s Edition, Pre-Order Bonuses & More!

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Written by Diptoman Saha

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