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6 Most Useful CSGO Console Commands that you should know (2021)

CounterStrike: Global Offensive, aka CSGO, is a popular online 5v5 competitive tactical FPS game. The game has been out for nearly a decade and is still played on a very large scale around the world. The game has a lot of room for customization and accessibility options to let you tweak it up to your liking. You can do this with the help of the in-built Console and some useful console commands.

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What is the Console in CSGO?

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Like many other games, Valve Corporation’s CSGO has an in-built Console window. You can get access to the console window by enabling Console in the Game settings menu and pressing the tilde (`) key on your keyboard (located just below the Esc key). This will bring up the Console window where you can see various game information along with a dialogue box where you can input console commands yourself.

Here are some useful console commands that you can use while playing CSGO.

1) cl_showfps 1

If you input this command in the console box and press enter, you will notice a green FPS counter appear at the top corner of your screen. This will help you monitor your in-game FPS. You can turn this off by re-typing cl_showfps 0.

2) net_graph 1

This is a popular console command useful to monitor various aspects of your gameplay. By using this, you will be able to monitor your FPS, Variance, Ping, Loss, Choke, server tick rate, and more.

3) fps_max 0

This command will let you uncap your game FPS on the go. For example, if you have put an FPS limiter before, enabling this command will disable that and give you uncapped FPS. You can also use this command to cap FPS to certain numbers, e.g.- fps_max 60 to lock it at 60 FPS, fps_mx 144 to cap it at 144 FPS.

4) voice_scale 0

Use this command to set incoming all player voice volume. It is set at voice_scale 1.0 as default but you can lower it by putting fewer numbers at the end, e.g- voice_scale 0.2.

5) Bot_add

This command adds bots to your local client-sided games, essential for solo or team practice.

6) cl_lefthand / cl_righthand

Use this command to change the preferred handedness of your game on the go. You can also bind this option to a preferred key.

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