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3 Best Ways to get Free Weapons Skins in Valorant

Valorant is Riot Games contender for 5v5 tactical First-person Shooter and it has successfully gained a huge following. Its smooth gameplay experience played on 128 tick rate servers, gunplay, and agent abilities make the better than its competitor. Valorant is a free-to-play game that attracts most of its crowd and is one of the reasons behind its growing success. The game gets most of its revenue through weapon skins and similar cosmetic items. This ranges from gun skins, unlocking characters, upgrading skin variants, sprays, etc.

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Cosmetic items like these are bought with the in-game currency known as Valorant points. While the unit that is required to upgrade weapon variants is called Radianite points. These can be bought with real money and the game offers multiple transaction methods, including PayPal. However, there are a few ways by which players can get some free skins in the game.
It is understandable if you don’t want to spend real money on any in-game cosmetic items. It is also normal to not like to play with default weapons. You can get some decent weapon skins for free of cost by following these three methods.

1- Agent Contracts


There are 16 agents in Valorant as of now. Each of these agents has its own individual contracts, which players can choose to complete. You need some good XP points to complete the entire contract, which is a total of level 10. Each agent contract rewards a pistol skin to the players for free that they can equip and use.

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2- Amazon Prime

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Players who have an Amazon Prime subscription can link their Prime with Valorant to get unique weapon charms and skins. These are mostly awarded at the start of a new Act or an Episode.

3- Free Battle Pass Rewards

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The battle pass in Valorant is a long way of gaining XP and receiving weapons charms, skins, sprays, banners, etc. Though in order to get most of the cool items, players need to purchase the battle pass. But even without purchasing it, players can get some free cool-looking banners, sprays, weapon charms, etc. Completing the battle pass by reaching level 50, will reward players with a unique pistol skin.


These are the top 3 best ways to get free weapon skins in Valorant. Be sure to follow for more gaming, tech, and hardware-related articles.

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Written by Diptoman Saha

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